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7 Reasons to Work With a Time Management Coach

May 9, 2022

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work with a time management coach

You’re busy all day, every day. Ticking items off your to-do list doesn’t even feel like an achievement anymore. It’s just one thing done on a never-ending list. You know something needs to change, and that you need help…but you’re not exactly sure what kind of support to look for.

I’ve been there before. Many people have been there before. And I got so deep into that lifestyle that I started feeling burned out. Burnout is no fun, let me tell you. But it did help me find my calling. I knew that I wanted to help others avoid that path to burnout and start making the most of the time they had.

If that first paragraph made you feel seen, I’m here to tell you that you may need a time management coach. And I have seven specific reasons why you should work with a time management coach who has your back is worth the investment.

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So today, we’re talking about

  • 7 reasons why working with a time management coach is a game-changer
  • How coaching is different from therapy
  • What to do if you’re overwhelmed and off-track
  • How to know if time management coaching is right for you

Reason #1: Everything seems like top priority, so nothing gets done.

You’re constantly chipping away at your to-do list — which feels like it never ends — and your schedule is always full. But because you always have so much on your plate, you’re never sure what’s top priority and what can be left until later. Instead, you go with what feels right at the moment.

If everything on your list seems important, then everything is treated with urgency…and requires a whole lotta energy. And if you’re treating all of your tasks that way, it’s a good chance you’re feeling overwhelmed and close to burning out. A time management coach can help you prioritize your tasks and clarify what really matters most. Especially for business owners who’ve lost sight of their why: why they struck out on their own and launched their own business in the first place. Getting clear on what’s really important to you will help you prioritize your to-do list with ease.

Reason #2: You’re not sure how to get from Point A to Point B.

People often talk about setting long-term goals for themselves. Launching your own business, traveling, enjoying retirement. Goal-setting is great and all, but how do you actually make those future goals happen? How do you come up with a roadmap to get from where you are right now to where you want to be?

And even if you do have some steps to follow, pushing yourself to actually follow those steps is tough. Procrastination is real, and so is fear of failure.

All great points, and trust me, you’re not alone in feeling this way! That’s another thing a time management coach can help you with. Getting from Point A to Point B requires actionable steps that work for you — not just a generic roadmap. A great time management coach will understand your goals, worries, habits, personality, and anything else that might be holding you back. You’ll also work through a time managements strategy with heart.

Oh, and that pesky thing called procrastination? Your time management coach will hold you accountable and cheer you on. That’s part of why we’re called coaches, after all.

Reason #3: You want to skip to the good part.

True transformation takes time; it’s not a quick fix. That’s why I work with clients for at least six months. Anything less than that is not enough to understand what you want, create healthy habits, or implement strategies before you start seeing results. Six months may seem like quite the commitment, but when you work with a time management coach, you’re actually saving a lot of time making mistakes on your own. I’ve put in the work — studying psychology, reading all the books, and understanding all the time management strategies — so you don’t have to. All you have to do is trust that I can help you figure out the right methods for you.

Reason #4: You need a different kind of support that’s not therapy.

Back in Episode 94, my guest Ashley Joy and I talked about the impact a powerful personal support system can make. A friend, a mentor, an advocate, a therapist, and a coach — each of these five members in your support system has a specific purpose and role.

You’ll notice that therapy and coaching are separate because they are two different things that serve two different needs. Generally speaking, therapists tend to focus on the past or present, while coaches tend to focus on the present or future. Therapy can help you heal or learn from your past. Coaching can help you achieve your future goals.

While I appreciate that my clients can be honest and vulnerable with me, it’s important for me to note that therapists are trained to help those facing mental illness. Coaches are not. If I notice that a client may be struggling with mental illness, I’ll gently invite a conversation about seeking help. It’s not that I don’t want to help you myself, it’s that I want to get you the help you need from someone better equipped to do so.

Reason #5: It’s hard to find someone who listens and asks the right questions.

Speaking of getting advice from others, have you ever felt like you ask your friends for too much advice? Or on the other hand, when you do ask friends and family for advice, the conversation inevitably focuses on the other person?

Both can feel draining and frustrating. All you want is someone who can listen to your concerns, your to-do list, your life. Someone who will let you talk without making it about themselves. Someone who, when they do ask questions, will ask the right ones.

A time management coach can be that person. With me, the focus is on you. You get to hear yourself think and feel everything out. 

On more than one occasion a client has said to me, “No one ever asks me questions like this, and then actually listens. I never have the space to think through these things because I’m always having to be there for someone else and support someone else. And I can just be myself and get it all out and figure it out when I’m talking with you.”

Reason #6: You want time and space for yourself.

Self-care isn’t just about carving out space for yourself in a conversation when you need it. It also means carving out time in your schedule to do things you love that are only for you. Working out. Baking. Reading. Taking a nap! That time before you go to bed when the house is finally quiet and you scroll your phone to give your mind a break? That’s not enough.

Finding that me-time is a time management coach’s specialty, my friend. If you want to know where your time is going, what can be improved, or what strategies can be implemented to give you more of your time back, I’m here to help you do it.

The beautiful thing is, once we dive deep into your schedule and make changes, you’ll notice that you have more energy to think clearly. Be productive. Enjoy what you’re doing. Be present in the moment rather than thinking about what you have to do next.

Reason #7: The future is kind of unclear.

And the seventh and final reason why working with a time management coach is a game-changer? We can help you clarify your vision for the future.

A vision as in, sitting in a rocking chair enjoying a drink on your porch when you’re eighty years old. Feeling happy and at peace because you and your family are thriving. Can you picture it? If the previous six reasons only kinda, sorta resonated with you, I bet this one hit home.

When you have a clear vision, defining your values becomes so much easier. Knowing your values, setting your priorities becomes simpler. Once your priorities are outlined, setting goals is a piece of cake. And when you have goals in mind, you can work toward them day by day through good time management, good habits, and self-care.

Get one step closer to loving your life

So, if you’re looking for:

  • Help managing your schedule and to-do list
  • A roadmap from the present to the future
  • Someone supportive who will listen and ask you the right questions
  • Time and space for yourself
  • Clarification of your dreams for the future

…then a time management coach can definitely help you

Working with a time management coach isn’t going to magically make your life perfect. But it will get you one step closer to achieving your goals and creating the life that you want. Want to see what time management coaching looks like in action? I invite you to take that leap of faith by joining my brand new free workshop on May 17th. It’s called One Step Closer: How to Make Time Management Work for YOU. We’ll talk about the challenges you’re facing and what you might be struggling with — but most importantly, how you can take action and overcome those obstacles. Save your seat here and I’ll see you on May 17th!

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