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Reading Time: 9 minutes Struggling to manage your time or use productivity systems? Here’s why your time management method isn’t working (and what to try, instead).

Why Your Time Management Isn’t Working

3 Reasons Why Time Management Isn't Working For You | It's About Time Podcast


Reading Time: 9 minutes How do you do it all without losing your mind in the process? That’s the question I’m answering in this episode as I reflect on the last six+ months of having a full time job, running a business, publishing episodes of It’s About Time and loving on my family. Spoiler Alert: I don’t do it all. But there ARE several strategies I’ve implemented over the past few months that are enabling me to do what matters most. You know I’m an open book, so I’m pulling back the curtain this week to share how I do life lately.

When You Work Full-Time and Run a Business: Productivity & Sanity Tips

Running a Business & Working Full-Time


Reading Time: 14 minutes You’ve spread yourself too thin. Again. Your calendar is overflowing and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. You’re overcommitted, overwhelmed, and flat out exhausted. So what to you do when you’ve committed to doing too much? That’s exactly what I’m talking about in Episode 115. We’ve all been there. And chances are, we’ll probably find ourselves with a too-full plate again – especially as events are picking up and invitations are rolling in as the pandemic recedes. Lean in and listen up for real life ways to handle it all and how to avoid over doing it in the future.

Overbooked and Way Too Busy: What to Do When There’s Not Enough Time


Reading Time: 13 minutes Living in a world of 24/7 access with notifications, emails and messages coming our way at all hours of the day, it can be so hard to turn off work and actually be present during our downtime. Either we’re responding to messages, getting distracted by emails or we’re worrying about what’s left and what we’ve got to do tomorrow. That ends today. Tune in for three ways to successfully shut off work and be more present when you’re off the clock.

Better Boundaries and Being Present: How to Set Boundaries and Be More Present During Your Downtime


Reading Time: 19 minutes Wow! It’s so hard to believe we’ve made it to Episode 100! Join me as I celebrate this milestone for It’s About Time that wouldn’t be possible without YOU! From my top 10 takeaways, big lessons learned and even mistakes made along the way – grab your earbuds and let’s celebrate Episode 100 together!

Celebrate Your Wins: 10 Key Takeaways from the First 100 Episodes of It’s About Time


Reading Time: 2 minutes Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt self-conscious or worried about what someone else might think of something you really want to do. Charleston wedding photographer and educator Natasha Coyle knows exactly how you feel. From starting a successful business with zero experience behind the camera to going viral on TikTok, Natasha knows a thing or two about pushing through nerves and getting back up after falling down. Listen in to find out how being different has made all the difference for Natasha, and how being yourself is always the best strategy for success.

Be Different: Living with Confidence and Authenticity featuring Natasha Coyle


Reading Time: 18 minutes Pardon my progress, but a LOT has been happening behind the scenes around here. This past week I started a brand new, full-time role with an amazing, mission-driven company. As you can imagine, a whole lot of thought and deliberation went into my decision to say YES to becoming Head of Community at Clockwise, and that’s exactly what I’m revealing in this episode. Press play to find out the three most important factors in my decision and what this means for the future of It’s About Time.

What Matters Most: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Newest Adventure in Time Management


Reading Time: 2 minutes

When many of us migrated from office buildings to our kitchen tables, spare bedrooms, and home offices in 2020, Alexandra Samuel got to work pouring her decades of remote-work expertise and productivity tips into the ultimate guidebook for remote work. Find out what it means to work like a “business of one,” how to navigate micromanaging bosses and more from the author of Remote Inc.: How to Thrive at Work…Wherever You Are.

How to Thrive at Work… Wherever You Are featuring Alexandra Samuel


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Setting and sticking to healthy boundaries is easier said than done. Saying “no” can be challenging, and the next thing we know our calendars are filled with other people’s priorities. Listen in as Ciji Townsend, host of the Being Balanced podcast shares what it means to be balanced, and how to define and enforce healthy boundaries in your life. Hint: It starts with getting clear on what matters most.

Balanced Not Busy: How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Actually Stick to Them with Ciji Townsend


Reading Time: 11 minutes

Are you making the most of your time at work? Sure, you might be crossing lots of things off your list. And yes, you might “feel” really busy. But the real question is How much time are you spending in the Zone – aka your Genius Zone? Find out what’s in YOUR unique Genius Zone, why it’s so important and how to clear your plate of the other stuff that’s zapping your energy and wasting your precious time.

In the Zone: Are You Making the Most of Your Time at Work?