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Introducing the “It’s About Time Academy”

May 16, 2022

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*Big News* What’s Next for It’s About Time

Mistakes get a bad rap, but they’re actually a pretty important part of our lives. Ideally, we make a mistake when trying something new, learn from it, and move on. Mistakes like, for example, trying a time management strategy without adjusting it to fit YOU, or buying a fancy planner with the hopes that it’ll ease your struggles.

Introducing the It's About Time Academy

I have exciting news to share regarding It’s About Time! Before you panic, let me reassure you — the podcast isn’t going anywhere! I’m more passionate and committed than ever about making time management more accessible and valuable to professionals and biz owners like you.

But before we get to the big reveal, I want to talk about productivity pitfalls and time management traps that may be doing more harm than good. Is there a solution for that neverending cycle of time management hacks that just don’t work for you? Yes, there is.

So today, we’re talking about

  • Time management traps that might be holding you back
  • What finding the right time management method can do for your life
  • The next big thing to come from It’s About Time, and…
  • …how you can be a part of it!

Mistakes aren’t a bad thing

Mistakes get a bad rap, don’t they? We go through our lives striving for perfection, trying so hard to avoid making mistakes. But nobody’s perfect. So why do we put this pressure on ourselves? Maybe because we sometimes let those mistakes get in the way of personal progress.

Making mistakes is inevitable, and a pretty important part of our lives! When we make a mistake, it means we tried something new. We gave ourselves an opportunity to learn from what happened. And ideally, we accept the mistake and move on. (That’s easier said than done, though!)

As a time management coach, I see a lot of mistakes. They happen to be the very same ones I’ve made over the years myself.

Mistakes like, for example, copying and pasting a trending new time management strategy without adjusting it to actually fit into your life. Or buying a fancy new planner, hoping that it’ll get you to places on schedule and check off all those tasks for you. And when it doesn’t, you ditch that planner and buy a different one. 

No judgment here, because I’ve been there. I’ve made these same mistakes! The great thing is, I knew that these mistakes were really opportunities to create a new time management method that works. One that’s simple, effective, and powerful.

Time management with HEART is the key

What have I discovered over years of making mistakes and learning all the time management things? The answer to time management problems isn’t found in a self-help book, or even the pages of that shiny new planner you just bought. 

It begins at the heart. Your core values and vision. That’s why I call it my HEART Method of time management.

Instead of using little tricks and hacks to manage your time, the HEART Method digs deeper. It’s time management from the inside out: using your priorities, goals, and values to guide how you spend your time. When you focus on what matters most, making decisions gets so much easier. You know what you want your future to look like, so you take small intentional steps everyday to make it happen.

Exciting news for It’s About Time

Time management with purpose and intention sounds easy…in theory. Figuring out your vision for the future isn’t something that you can do in just five minutes — it takes some reflection and deep thought! So if you’re hesitant to try the HEART Method, I understand. I’ve been there.

Setting your goals according to your values and dreams isn’t second nature for everyone, and certainly not second nature for me. But I realized that it was key to a time management method that actually sticks. That’s why I’ve spent the last five years reading all the books, brushing up on all the psychology, and testing time management techniques.

What I’ve come up with is a unique way to approach time management and a way to support others. I’m so excited to share this news with you…

I’m launching the It’s About Time Academy

Meet the It’s About Time Academy

The Academy is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines monthly time management coaching and an exclusive, members-only podcast, as well as the support of a community to help others like you.

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of courses and programs use videos to teach. While I love videos, I don’t always have time to sit down and watch them and take notes. If you’re like me, you’re on the go, and you need an educational resource that you can take with you and meet you where you are. That’s what the It’s About Time Academy is.

What can you expect when you join It’s About Time Academy?

  • A monthly series of bite-sized private podcast episodes on a different milestone of The HEART Method Roadmap
  • Monthly live coaching sessions with me
  • Exclusive access to a private coaching community
  • And of course, the support and knowhow to make the best of your time so you can live joyfully and with intention

If that all sounds lovely to you, I invite you to learn more about the Academy and join as a founding member here! Founding membership to the It’s About Time Academy is only open for a limited time — until Tuesday, May 24. After that date, I’ll close admissions to welcome all the new founding members.

If you stumbled across this episode after May 24th, 2022, no worries! It’s About Time Academy is still available. You’ll still be able to take advantage of time management coaching at an accessible price. Learn more about how to join here.

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