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I help you master time management so you can start spending time on what matters most!

Don't You Want to spend it on what matters most?

Your Time is Precious.

Time Management Coaching & Education For Ambitious Go-Getters

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level up your life

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reach your goals

make time for what matters most

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How to prioritize and plan your day without feeling overwhelmed

The secret to making better decisions about how to spend your time

How to use your dreams and big ideas to create a vision for the future

How to set yourself up for success, week after week

Inside the Academy, you'll learn...

Do you wish you could actually finish your to-do list, and feel like you have more space in your days?

Do you wish you could step into your weeks feeling calm, prepared, and ready to tackle your to-do’s?? 

Are you ready to find a time management and productivity strategy that makes you feel competent and confident? 

01. Join the It's About Time Academy

The It's About Time Academy is the perfect mix of monthly coaching and community to help you live with intention, get things done, and spend time on what matters most.


An intentional plan that allows you to regain control over your life, dreams, and goals

A clear path to understanding and utilizing the 5 critical elements of time management

6 months of expert support to bring out the best version of you, your life, and your work

Your unique roadmap to time management skills & strategies that works FOR you

One-on-One Coaching is...

What would it feel like to know exactly what you want your life and business to be, and then have the exact roadmap needed to bring that vision to life?

When you work with me in a 1:1, 6-month coaching experience, you will take back control of your time and discover a roadmap to a life of balance.

I’ll show you my method that enables you to live LIFE first — HEART first — by getting crystal clear on what matters most and then designing a purpose-filled life to support your biggest dreams and aspirations. 

02. One-on-One Coaching


highly-rated, highly-recommended and highly in-demand!

engaging and interactive - even in a virtual setting

perfect for audiences both large and small

content-rich, and NEVER boring

Anna's presentations are...

Planning your next event? Need an engaging and informative guest expert for your mastermind group or membership? I've got you covered.

Virtual or In Person.
Motivational or Instructional.
Keynote or Workshop style.
Take your pick, and I'll create something just for you.

03. Invite Anna to Speak

- Kimberly t.

Anna was the right fit for me because she is in a similar place of life and totally gets where I’m coming from!


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