It Takes a Village: How to Build a Powerful Personal Support System with Intention

September 6, 2021

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It Takes a Village: How to Build a Powerful Personal Support System with Intention

There’s no such thing as a self-made man (or woman.)  We need other people to thrive. But how can you be intentional about creating your own cheering squad, support system and personal board of directors? That’s exactly what Ashley Joy and I dive into in this episode.






Today’s conversation is about the power of proximity – as in, the power of the people closest to you in your life.

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you because of sayings like this:

You roll with the dogs, you’re gonna get fleas – I remember my mom saying that one to me in high school.

What about this one? Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.

And then Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said – You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

So if the people we surround ourselves with have the ability to play such an important role in who we are and who we become, it tracks that we should aim to be intentional about who exactly those people are.

Since that’s easier said than done, in today’s conversation with Ashley Joy, a mom, wife, coach and motivational speaker for women, she shares the 5 exact people that you need in your support group, your kitchen cabinet, your personal board of directors – whatever you want to call it – these are the 5 powerful people whose proximity can change everything.

About Ashley Joy

Ashley Joy is an extraordinary, well-rounded woman living her life by design. As a sought after speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur, and women’s empowerment advocate she joyfully moves throughout the world passionately fulfilling her God-ordained purpose and calling in life – inspiring people to live and operate in their full purpose and potential.

As a coaching and communications professional, she helps organizations get clear on their message to the world and facilitates workshops within the corporate, nonprofit, education, and faith-based sectors. Ashley focuses her training on crisis communications, media interview training, leadership communications, and executive presence.

Ashley currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her loving and supportive husband and daughter. She’s written two books, “She Laughs,” a devotional and “Dreams of Joy: Encountering An Unfailing God and His Unfailing Love.” In addition, she loves to travel across the globe, using her credentials, creativity, and credibility to share her message of hope and inspiration to the masses and be a force of change along the way!

In today’s conversation with Ashley Joy, she shares…

  • Why building an intentional support system is so important

  • Why you need your very own personal board of directors

  • The five individuals that are key to achieving your version and your vision of success

  • The unexpected way to make your friendships richer and more fun

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