The Key to More Productivity & Joy: How to Get Better Sleep with Becca Campbell

September 6, 2022

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Catch Some ZZZ’s: The Sleepy Secret to More Joy and Better Productivity featuring Becca Campbell

Remember when you were a kid and you were so excited for the day you could go to bed whenever you want? Well, it turns out that’s not the best thing for us. As adults, we need 8-9 hours of sleep every night, but most of us aren’t getting that.

How to set boundaries


If you’re a busy mom, corporate ladder climber, business owner, or a mix of it all, you might think sleep is just what your computer does when you’ve left it idle for a minute or two. But today, that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about good ol’ fashioned, knock-you-out-cold, deep sleep, with sleep expert Becca Campbell.

Why is this so important – and what does it have to do with our productivity and time management? Well, very few people get a full night’s sleep regularly. In fact, between 10% and 30% of U.S. adults struggle with chronic insomnia!

If you’re a parent like me, you know that chronic insomnia is sort of a state of being. That’s why I wanted to talk with Becca, who is a sleep expert, mom, wife, business owner (times 3), and an absolute all-star at helping entrepreneurs, professionals, and parents get more sleep. 

A new parent’s dream

When Becca had her first child, she quickly realized that sleep deprivation was a new way of living. Ah, parenthood. Her daughter, Ellie, wasn’t sleeping well. Which all parents know meant that Becca wasn’t sleeping well. She took it upon herself to find a sleep expert to help, and Ellie started sleeping 12 hours a night. 

All. Night. Long. 

Becca took all that magical knowledge and expanded to help other parents with sleep deprived children. Seven years down the road, she and her husband have built a fantastic team of sleep consultants that work with parents all over the world. But her sleep strategies don’t just work with sleep-deprived parents of young kids. They work for all of us.

Getting on the path to better sleep

The first step to getting better sleep, especially with little ones running around, is to just decide. This isn’t an arbitrary decision, Becca says. Getting better sleep is going to take commitment — from you, your partner, and your kids.

Start to implement a routine

Better sleep won’t happen overnight. Once you’ve made the decision to improve your and/or your family’s sleeping patterns, start slowly. Implement a routine and schedules. These are very small things that you can start right now. 

Becca equates sleep training to personal training. You can’t walk into the gym, do one exercise, and expect to see instant results. Sleep training (especially with children), is the same way. You can’t try something different every single day and expect results. 

Consistency is key. 

Evaluate your evenings

If you want to sleep train yourself right alongside the kids, there are a few things you can implement into your routine

  • Get rid of blue light 2 hours before bed. 

Phones, computers, television… any electronics. Turn it all off! It’s definitely hard, but if you’re struggling to turn your brain off and get adequate rest, blue light will block the release of melatonin. And no — popping a melatonin gummy is not a good replacement for the naturally occurring hormone! In fact, the melatonin industry is extremely unregulated, and Becca cautions against using it too much. 

  • Go outside

Did you know that sunsets will naturally trigger the release of melatonin? Yep! Now that you’ve turned your devices off, go outside and watch the sunset. The day-to-night transition will tell your body it’s time to wind down, triggering a natural sleep that will last. 

  • Create a calming routine

What are some things that you can do every night to remind your body it’s time for bed? Becca takes a warm shower and does her skincare. This routine is probably going to look different for everyone, but it’s the perfect opportunity to not only remind yourself it’s time for bed, but to get in a little extra self-care for the day. 

Come up with a few steps (that don’t involve screens) that you can do every single night, and make them a habit. 

Sleep is more important than you know! 

Did you know… You actually need between 8-9 hours of sleep per night at a minimum. There’s a fantastic book, Why We Sleep by Matthew West, that analyzes the benefits of sleep. In fact, there is not a single part of your body that is untouched by sleep. 

This means getting proper sleep will improve everything. Mood, temper, immune system, brain function… you name it, good sleep helps it. We have to be happy, healthy, and well-rested to live fulfilling and balanced lives. And if we want to feel productive, find flow easier, and get more done in our busy days, it doesn’t happen by skipping sleep! It happens by getting enough sleep.

Love what Becca has to teach and want to get more of her golden wisdom? Go here to check out her sleep training services! 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The key ingredients for a good night’s sleep
  • How to create a sleep routine
  • The consequences of poor sleep
  • How much sleep do you really need?

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