Running on Routines: How to simplify and systemize your unique rhythm for work, life and balance with Alexandra Beauregard

April 18, 2022

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Running on Routines: How to simplify and systemize your unique rhythm for work, life and balance with Alexandra Beauregard

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past few years, it’s that we can’t can control everything. But we CAN have a bit more control over things within our lives, businesses, home and calendars. Alexandra Beauregard of The Productivity Zone believes we can use routines and simple systems to create freedom and spend time on what matters most.

How to set boundaries


Alexandra Beauregard running on routines It's About Time

If the last couple of years has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t have control over everything. But within our lives, businesses, homes, and calendars, we do have more control. And because of that, Alexandra Beauregard believes that we can really use routines and some simple system to create freedom and prioritize what’s actually important to us. I really connected with everything Alexandra said in this episode — we are twin souls, for sure! Listen in to hear Alexandra’s thoughts on color-coding, her four mantras, the power of routines, and more.

About Alexandra Beauregard

After five years as a wedding blogger, Alexandra realized something: Her passion for productivity and time management was something she really wanted to pursue. Shifting her blog from weddings to lifestyle, she wrote about productivity, time management, work/life balance, and more.

Soon after launching The Productivity Zone, Alexandra has an unfortunate health event, and she had to take a pause. After recovering enough to start working again, she realized… all that passion for productivity and time management was going to come in handy — because she was about to walk the walk. How could she care for herself, her family, and grow her business? She dug in deep and used what she had learned.

The Productivity Zone

Today, The Productivity Zone is one of the most trusted resources for productivity tips and resources for online business owners, side hustlers, and more. And because of her experience, Alexandra is to undo the belief that women entrepreneurs have to hustle to get things done. She believes — and so do I! — that we can have successful, profitable businesses and a life we love. 

So now, Alexandra shows other female entrepreneurs how to change their thinking, and to change the conversation around busyness as a badge of honor. In this conversation, she shares her four mantras: Simplify everything, organize everything, systemize everything, and schedule everything.

She also shares her unique perspectives on scheduling, spontaneity, and what she calls “white space grace.” We also talk about the power of color coding and emojis for visual cues and time management (love these tips!) and how to really embrace routines that fit your lifestyle and business. 

Alexandra also talks about the power of project management and finding the right tool for you. She loves Asana — and has created an amazing Asana Assistant template collection that I have personally used for my own business and this podcast even! 

Want to get to know Alexandra a bit better? You can find her at her desk with her Simplified Planner, all the Apple products, and her 2 cats (George + Gracie). You can also find her on Instagram at @theproductivityzone.

In my conversation with Alexandra, she shares…

  • How having systems and routines enable her to run a successful business without sacrificing her health or free time
  • The four mantras she lives by in her life and business to be productive without burnout
  • The power of “white space grace” and why you should build it into your schedule
  • They key to creating routines that you’ll actually stick to, regardless of your personality type, job title or season of life

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