We’re All Doing the Best We Can: Failing Motherhood with Danielle Bettmann

July 27, 2020

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We’re All Doing the Best We Can: Failing Motherhood with Danielle Bettmann

Parenting is hard, and half the time (maybe even more) we feel like we’re failing. Danielle Bettmann is a parent coach and host of the Failing Motherhood podcast. Whether you’re the Cool Aunt or a mom of 3, you’ll love this dive into compromise, Love Languages, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and accepting that we’re all doing the best we can.






Episode 39 of It’s About Time is about parenting – but also about WAY more than parenting at the same time. You’ll see what I mean in just a sec.

Today’s guest is Danielle Bettmann, and when I learned that Danielle is a Parent Coach, I was totally intrigued. This whole time I thought I was just supposed to read books and figure everything out on my own – but it turns out, there are amazing people like Danielle who help parents figure out this whole crazy parenting thing.

If you’re not a parent, you might be scratching your head about how this episode might be relevant to you – and here it is.

We’re all grown up kids.

And a lot of the same strategies that parents can use during a toddler’s meltdown on the cereal aisle in the grocery store are applicable to dealing with your hangry coworker on a conference call.

We’re all grown up kids who need our needs met, who need attention, and who need to feel loved and that we belong. But before I get too far into the meat of this interview and give it all way,

About Danielle Bettmann

Danielle Bettmann is a speaker, entrepreneur and parent coach. She helps parents of strong-willed kids age 1-7 who are looking to boost their parenting toolkits, get on the same page and feel like they know what they’re doing! She teaches key paradigm shifts on behavior and discipline and shares stories from her own family. Together they implement new strategies that lead to thriving families.

A certified teacher, Danielle left the classroom to visit families in their homes, because what happens at home is what wires kids. Parents are doing the most influential work, while feeling exhausted – and with no training. Danielle created Wholeheartedly, her coaching business, to come alongside parents by cheering them on, celebrating their wins and encouraging them to always remember the worth of their work.

In today’s conversation with Danielle, we dive into

  • The exact resources tools and strategies she uses with her own family – including something called a Family Business Plan

  • What it means to be a parent coach and how she works with parents to help them overcome differences and raise kind humans

  • The single most important thing that you can do with your kids to help them feel loved and taken care of.

  • Plus – we talk about how to connect with kids and support other parents – whether you have kids of your own or not.




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