The Multitasking Myth: Why Doing It All Isn’t Always Better

October 9, 2023

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The Multitasking Myth: Why Doing It All Isn’t Always Better

Is multitasking really helping you get more done, or is it just causing chaos? In this episode, we’ll tackle the myth of multitasking and reveal why it might be hurting your productivity, causing mistakes, and stressing you out. Tune in to find out how to ditch multitasking and what to do instead to be more productive than ever!



Multi-tasking Junkie?

Hey friends, and welcome to Episode 195 of It’s About Time – Recently I was chatting with one of my newest time management coaching clients, and she shared that it really grinds her gears when someone says to her, “You have so much going on! How do you do it all?” Typically it’s a line that’s delivered with a bewildered look – a combination of amazement and curiosity. 

And I can completely understand why that question would be annoying – because if you – behind the scenes – feel like you’re not doing it all, and you’re definitely not doing it all very well – it can be hard to hear someone ask you HOW you’re doing it all. 

Kind of like standing on the shore and asking someone who’s drowning – “You’re a great swimmer! Where did you learn to swim?” It’s not helpful.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re completely failing at doing it all, sorry to disappoint, but this episode isn’t designed to help you figure out how to do it all with ease and grace. Instead – I’m talking about why doing it ALL isn’t always the best goal – and that attempting to do it all by multi-tasking can be a recipe for complete and total overwhelm. 

So today, we’re talking about

  • Why multitasking isn’t real, and why we definitely shouldn’t look at it as a superpower
  • What’s really happening when you think you’re multitasking
  • The cost of multitasking and how it negatively impacts our productivity
  • What to do instead of multitasking, even if you’re a multi-tasking junkie

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