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Reading Time: 2 minutes When life gets busy, we have to remember what matters most. And the best way to do that is with a system. Here’s how guest Elizabeth McCravy does it.

Using Systems to Honor Your Priorities With Elizabeth McCravy


Reading Time: 6 minutes Wondering how to find more balance between work, life, and all the responsibilities in between? Check out how Leah Remillet does it on this episode!

Using Systems to Find Simplicity in Everyday Life With Leah Remillet


Reading Time: 5 minutes Balance — buzzword or possibility?

The truth is, we all want more balance in our lives. We all want to do more of the things that we love and less of the things we don’t. But have you ever thought about why “balance” is so hard to obtain?

In this episode of the It’s About Time Podcast, I’m going to unpack why we ALL struggle to find the right balance for our lives — and I’ll expose the NUMBER ONE thing holding us back from actually achieving it.

The Biggest Obstacle to Finding Balance

time management

Reading Time: 7 minutes Feeling stuck or unmotivated with your time management goals? Frustrated by a lack of progress? Confused on what to do next?

Sometimes, it helps to step outside ourselves and get some “fresh eyes” on our time management woes!

You probably know that accountability is great for things like exercising or reading more — but did you know that it’s beneficial for time management too?

Why Better Time Management is Not a Solo Endeavor

time management

Reading Time: 6 minutes Everyone struggles with overwhelm — myself included. Yup, even as a time management coach! But a few years ago, I learned one very valuable lesson in overcoming overwhelm: You gotta take it one step at a time.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or constantly overwhelmed, learn why this method is much more effective for helping you to move forward.

The Value of a Single Step When Navigating Overwhelm


Reading Time: 7 minutes What do you do when life moves at light speed, but you feel like you can’t keep up?

It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s likely time to slow down and rest.

I know many of you will have a visceral reaction to that — you don’t have time to slow down! But if you don’t slow down and take a beat now, you’ll be forced to later. You can’t pour from an empty cup. You can’t go full speed ahead forever. You aren’t the Energizer Bunny, my friend.

And that’s why in today’s episode, we’re talking about SIX ways to slow down when life moves too fast. Because you can’t keep going at this pace forever — something’s gotta give!

Tired of Your Own Excuses? Here’s How to Stop Procrastinating for GOOD


Reading Time: 5 minutes On this episode of the It’s About Time Podcast, I sit down with one of my coaching clients, Louisiana-based artist Mary Catherine Dunphy. We talk about the struggles of going from employee to entrepreneur, managing new schedules and expectations, and how to honor and respect your personal time management boundaries to create your version of success!

Say Goodbye to Perfection: How the to Manage the Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur With Mary Catherine Dunphy


Reading Time: 6 minutes How did this not-so-morning person go from “no time for workouts” to getting up at 5 am to head to the gym?

In this episode, we’re talking about how to find time for exercise, even if your schedule is jam-packed (spoiler alert, that’s me and I’m giving you REAL methods that have helped me find a routine).

It’s a lot easier than you might think. It all comes down to setting priorities, setting intentions, communication, and lots of systemizing and planning!

If you’ve been itching to get back into a consistent exercise routine, these six tips can help you get there!

Too Busy for Exercise? How to Find the Time to Work Out


Reading Time: 5 minutes We all have those days when it feels like nothing goes right.

But what happens when those days turn into weeks? Then months? And then you wake up one day and realize that the last several months of your life have been anything but smooth sailing?

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk all about how to deal when it feels like everything is going south, and how small daily habits can help us weather hard times.

If you want something real and practical you can hold onto as you get through a rough patch, then this episode is for you!

When It Rains, It Pours: What to Do When Everything Goes Wrong


Reading Time: 6 minutes Tired of being the punchline to the “chronically late” joke?

Sick of always being stressed out, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little embarrassed about your tardiness? Well my friend, it’s time to break up with your bad habit because in today’s episode, we’re talking all about how to stop being late.

You’ll learn the 7 types of late people and get a practical strategy to help you shock everyone by being on time — based on your late-person persona.

Always Late? Here Are the 7 Reasons You Can’t Be on Time

time management