Why It’s Never Too Early to Prep for a Big Life Change with Leigh-Leigh Kossman

July 1, 2024

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How to set boundaries

Why It’s Never Too Early to Prep for a Big Life Change with Leigh-Leigh Kossman

If you’re a mom navigating the empty nester phase, you know how difficult that transition can be. But even if your kids are more than a decade away from moving out, there are ways you can spend your time now to help you prepare for the other side of a transition.


You might know that I have two little girls: Camilla is five and Elizabeth is 3. When I launched It’s About Time back in December of 2019, Camilla wasn’t even a whole year old yet, and Elizabeth didn’t come along until around Episode 71.

And since neither of my girls is even in Kindergarten yet, I know that I’ve got a while before I have to worry about being an empty nester. 

At least that’s what I thought before my conversation with today’s podcast. I’d always thought of that empty nest phase of life as being something that’s years away, and hardly on my radar. But in talking with Leigh-Leigh, who works specifically with moms in transition, she reminded me that the best time to start planning for a major life change is a lot sooner than you might think. 


Leigh-Leigh and I met recently during a virtual event for a professional development organization that we’re both a part of, Brand Builders Group. Once I got to know her, I knew I wanted to invite her to share her story with you. 

Leigh-Leigh Kossman works with moms in transition, looking to find the next purposeful chapter of their lives, as their kids leave the nest. The essence of her work is to provide a sense of optimism and the tools to know we’re all able, capable, and worthy of making actionable changes to net a purposeful, happy, fulfilling life to impact God’s kingdom.

Having survived death four times, Leigh-Leigh KNOWS, without a doubt, she was spared for a purpose. That purpose was to raise three daughters and now Leigh-Leigh helps others navigate angst and uncertainty, empowered to journey into the life that is waiting beyond the change. 

Leigh-Leigh holds a graduate certification in positive psychology and brings decades of experience in leadership, teaching, and coaching, including the private sectors.

In today’s conversation with Leigh-Leigh, she shares…

  • How she juggles being a wife, mom, life coach, voice teacher, and a keynote speaker
  • Her favorite quarterly planner system that uses positive psychology to organize her days
  • Her best advice for moms going through the transition of becoming an empty nester (even if you have young kids or you don’t have kids yet)
  • How you can support a friend going through a difficult transition

Maybe you’re like me and your kids are more than a decade away from moving out. Maybe you’re like many of my friends and clients who are currently navigating high school graduations and college visits. And then again – maybe you don’t have any kiddos of your own. 

Regardless of how many dependents you’re claiming on your tax return, I can promise you there’s something in this episode that will help you prepare yourself and how you spend your time during and on the other side of a transition, or you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of what some of your friends or family members might be experiencing as they shift from being a parent of kids at home, to a parent of kids who come home to visit when they can. 

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