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Navigating Major Life & Career Transitions with Blake Guichet

December 9, 2019

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6. Navigating Major Life & Career Transitions with Blake Guichet

You’ll love this episode with Blake Guichet, host of the Confessions of a Crappy Christian podcast. A podcast host, graphic designer, wife and mom, Blake talks about navigating major life changes, asking for help and shares her approach to making time for what matters most to her.






I’ve been incredibly inspired by today’s guest, her willingness to tackle tough topics, her enthusiasm for the enneagram and the way she encourages others by being her authentic self. A few months ago, she posted a stat in her instagram stories that only 22% of the thousands of podcasts out there are hosted by women. That post coupled with Blake’s example is part of what pushed me into taking action and launching It’s About Time.

So let me tell you about Blake Guichet. Blake is the host and voice of the Confessions of a Crappy Christian Podcast, wife to Jeremy, and mama to Pacey & Elliot. She spends her days on staff at a Baton Rouge, La. area church as a graphic designer. She’s wildly passionate about women owning who they are in Christ and all the ways He’s gifted them, and not falling prey to the lies the hustle culture is constantly feeding us. She is also an Enneagram enthusiast (type 8), and not surprisingly the enneagram does make its way into our conversation.

You’ll hear us chat about Blake’s recent transition from being her own Work From Home boss to starting a 40 hour a week 9-5 at a desk. She shares her favorite, must-have tools and apps for getting things done and we get into the importance of asking for help, plus how and when she makes time to read her bible.

Tune in to listen in on Blake share about

  1. Her recent transition from freelance graphic designer to a 40 hour a week, 9-5 job.

  2. What she does to prep the night before a work day

  3. Asking for help

  4. When she makes time for herself and what matters most to her

  5. What her mornings look like

  6. Her approach to studying scripture and quiet time

  7. The 4 time management tips she recommends – and uses herself

  8. “Reverse Millennial-ing” and why leaving your 9-to-5 and starting a business doesn’t have to be the answer for everyone

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Sarahbecker504 – thank you so much for the excitement and the kind review. I do my best to live what I teach, but I’m definitely a work in progress too! I hope you’re enjoying the show so far, and thank you again for your support.


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