Break the Mold: How to do Work, Motherhood, Time Management and the American Dream YOUR Way featuring Megan Martin

October 26, 2020

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Break the Mold: How to do Work, Motherhood, Time Management and the American Dream YOUR Way featuring Megan Martin

There’s no one-size-fits-all roadmap for life, and Megan Martin is proof that there’s power (and a lot of fun) in doing things YOUR way. As a conversion-focused website designer and community builder for Digital Business Owners, Megan’s authentic and colorful approach to work, life and time management breaks all the molds.






My featured guest in Episode 52 is one of the women that comes to mind when I think about proof of what’s possible.

Right around the time I quit my job to figure out full time entrepreneurship, I found Megan Martin.

But what made Megan truly different from so many other creative business owners out there is that she had her own distinct way of doing things. From her brightly colored rainbow branding in a sea of blush and bashful, to evolving her business over the course of nearly 10 years to fit each stage of her life – rather than forcing her life to bend to her business.

Basically – if there’s a mold – Megan says no thanks and does it her way.

She’s been a huge inspiration to me, and I’ve learned so much from her along the way.

About Megan Martin

Part Mama. Part Preneur.

Megan Martin is a Conversion Focused (and color-loving!) Website Designer and Community Builder for Digital Business Owners. She’s spent the last 9 years studying the ins and outs of magnetic branding and the science of conversion and shares the REAL behind the scenes of creating products, building a brand, and scaling for passive profit to over a 1,000 members in The Digital Lab. Megan’s on a mission to help business owners design a life they want to live now instead of waiting till they’re 80.

In today’s conversation with Megan, she reveals

  • Her family’s version of the American Dream – and why it’s not cookie cutter or stuck inside a box

  • She gives us the inside scoop on how she runs a successful business and makes a huge impact while working less than 20 hours a week

  • Megan tells us how she and her husband Jeremy set themselves up for retirement by 35

  • Plus, she reveals how her business and their smart investments enabled Jeremy to walk away from his high-paying corporate job.

  • And because you know we always dig into time management strategies and tools – you’ll hear Megan explain the “stupid simple” – her words – method she uses to organize her time and her to-do’s as an Enneagram 7.




megan-martin-digital-lab.jpgAnother thing you’ll definitely hear us mention when you tune in to Episode 52 is Megan’s online membership community – the Digital Lab. She shares the story of what led to launching this all access, behind the scenes look at how she runs her business. It’s real, it’s un-curated – and if you’ve ever wanted to or you’ve been curious about adding digital products like templates, courses, or downloads to your business – now is the time to do it, and Megan’s Digital Lab is the community and educational resource you need to make it happen.




  • Trello – Megan’s go-to project management and to-do list tracker

  • Enneagram Assessment – In this episode, Megan mentions studying her personality to learn more about the best way to run her business. This is my go-to free version of the Enneagram Assessment.





Failing Motherhood – or should I say Danielle – because I know that this is Danielle Bettman, host of the Failing Motherhood podcast who joined me on the show back in Episode 39  – I was delighted to have you as a guest, and I’m so grateful to have you as a listener! Thank you so much for your kind words and for tuning in.


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