Be Brave and Take Big Leaps: How to Push Past Fear and Live Your Wildest Dreams featuring Kristin Brabant

November 9, 2020

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Be Brave and Take Big Leaps: How to Push Past Fear and Live Your Wildest Dreams featuring Kristin Brabant

Live Your Wildest Dreams sounds like something you’d read on a cheesy motivational poster, but that’s exactly what Kristin Brabant is doing. When most of us were staying at home during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Kristin took a big leap and pursued her lifelong dream of moving to Mexico.








Episode 54’s guest brought some spicy flavor all the way from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I’m thrilled for you to meet to Kristin Brabant – a self-described Latina at heart. But Kristin hasn’t always lived south of the border. Just a few short months ago, Kristin decided to pursue a lifelong dream and take a BIG leap by moving to Mexico… right in the middle of the pandemic.

I mean – why not? It’s as good a time as any, right?

And if you’re already wondering what moving to Mexico has to do with work life balance, oh – just get ready. You’re in for a treat.

But before we dive into our conversation, let me tell you a little more about Kristin.

About Kristin Brabant

Kristin Brabant helps female entrepreneurs achieve their biggest business and personal goals with greater ease and enjoyment. She’s the founder of the Solopreneurs Circle, a monthly business training and coaching program to help one-woman-show businesses grow in community, without the burnout! Her tools, workshops, and business coaching have supported female entrepreneurs internationally to swap old patterns of harried overdrive for laser focused priorities and new habits to lead a more fulfilling, impactful and vibrant business.




Kristin was actually my business coach from January until August of 2020. The growth that I experienced, both personally and in my business during that time enabled me to take the beginnings of a business and evolve it into a flourishing dream come true. So – if you’ve got a dream and you’re ready to get out of dreaming mode and into doing mode? Kristin’s the woman you want on your team.

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Friday, November 20th @ 9am PT // 11am CT // 12pm ET

In today’s conversation with Kristin, she reveals

  • The exact tools she uses to serve her clients and stay organized

  • How building a work-from-anywhere online business gave her the freedom to take such a big leap with an international move

  • She reveals the unexpected bomb that was dropped on her while she was in the middle of her biggest professional moment ever

  • And she walks us through what it was like to take a “someday maybe” kinda dream and turn it into plan, and then make that plan a reality – all despite being simultaneously exhilarated and terrified out of her mind

  • Oh – And make sure you stick to the end, because her advice for anyone considering a big move in their life or work nearly brought me to tears.

During our conversation, you’ll hear Kristin mention Kajabi as her go-to, all in one platform for running her business. If you’re curious about what taking your business online could look like, click here to try Kajabi for 28 days.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the pandemic – and let’s be honest, we’ve learned a LOT of things, but we’ve definitely seen how important it is to pivot and pivot quickly. More businesses are taking their services from brick and mortar locations to online than ever before.

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What will it take you to get from chaos to calm?

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