Habit Hacking With Emily Nichols

January 2, 2023

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How to Hack Your Habits and Transform Your Life featuring Emily Nichols

Do you ever wish you could build better habits faster?    You can when you follow Emily Nichol’s guide to habit hacking. The one thing she tells everyone who wants to build better habits? Start small! If you want more nuggets of golden wisdom from Emily and to hear our discussion on how habits can transform your life completely, listen in!

How to set boundaries


Hack your habits with Emily Nichols

As host of the Self Transformed podcast, Orangetheory coach, and mom, Emily is no stranger to the search for balance. Every day, she spends her time helping women hack their health through habit hacking and give their body and mind the healthiest support and habits possible. 

I was so excited to chat with her about her health and transformation coaching, and now I can share that conversation with you! 

Habit Hacking Strategy

Emily’s a certified Behavior Change Specialist, so you could say she knows her way around building habits! 

We’re always in a state of transformation — that’s just a part of life. Whether that transformation is coming in the form of big change or maybe a respite from the craziness of life, Emily is here to coach women through this unavoidable constant. 

One of my biggest beliefs as a time management coach is that “set it and forget it” is not something we can apply to life — so I love Emily’s outlook on change! 

But how does she use the constant of change to help you instill habits

The Habit Inventory

This strategy is fairly simple. Sit down and inventory your time each week. Where is it going, and how are you using it? 

Additionally, write down how you felt about the way you used your time. If you felt like you spent a lot of time scrolling the endless black hole of social media and you feel guilty, write it down! Use the positive and negative emotional feedback to evaluate what habits are serving you, and which ones are not. 

The Habit Tracker

Once you’ve inventoried your habits and know which ones you want to keep versus which ones you want to change, you can use a habit tracker to start instilling new habits

Break your habits down into three categories: movement, food freedom, and mindset. Then, decide what habits you want to bring in for each category. 

And the real trick? Actually tracking it! Whether you record it with colorful pens or something as simple as an X on your calendar, it will create a positivity snowball — more and more positivity that will eventually take over your whole life! 

Emily’s Daily Tools

One of Emily’s favorite tools is The Dream Planner from Horatio Printing. In addition to the regular quarterly check-ins, this planner lets you reverse-engineer your growth process. 

You decide who you want to be at the end of the year and work backward to understand your fundamental needs and the actions you need to take to fulfill them. 

And, of course, she uses her Google Calendar to organize her life and goals. One of her goals this year was to do a daily devotional — so she scheduled in a reminder to keep her on track every day. On top of that, she moved her devotional time into the afternoon to accommodate life! 

You guys, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your productivity is to schedule your habits when it works best for you. 

Did I mention she wakes up at 4 am when she coaches at Orangetheory? Yep! So having alarms on her phone is crucial — in addition to a healthy self-care routine. 

Emily’s Transformational Journey With Habit Hacking

In September 2015, Emily was climbing the corporate ladder, mothering her kids, and trying to maintain the highest level of productivity. 

At the time, her husband was working an unpredictable job with no set schedule. Sometimes he worked nights, sometimes days. It took a toll on him and his health. And two years in, they were ready to change. 

The two of them took on a 30-day health challenge — and to their surprise, loved it! That small 30-day experiment turned into a positivity snowball, leading both of them to completely transform their lives. 

Emily became a Whole 30 certified coach, fitness instructor, and behavior change specialist. From then on, she’s dedicated her life to helping others feel as on fire about their lives as possible. 

Of course, this was by no means an overnight change. Adapting to setbacks is normal. 

A statistic says it takes 21 days to instill a habit. But it takes 90 days for your habit to become a part of your life

How Can You Start Building Better Habits through Habit Hacking? 

I don’t know about you, but there have been so many times in the past when I’ve started working on my habits and routines… and then stopped. If you’re the same way, you’re probably wondering how to start and stick to it.

According to Emily, begin by evaluating what you want in your life. If you were living your ideal day, what would you fill it with? What would you be doing? 

And then start small. If your goal is to walk 4 miles every day, don’t try and do all of that one day one. Start with a 10-minute walk, and work your way up. 

Start out teeny tiny, and watch that positivity snowball! Use the 3 categories of mindset, movement, and food freedom to fulfill your basic wishes now. 

Because over time, they WILL build on each other, and you’ll completely transform. 

And one of Emily’s best tips — when you have a negative thought, don’t just reframe it. Take out your phone and TYPE out that negative thought. This alone will start to transform your mindset! 

If you want to join Emily on habit having your way to a great life, you can join her membership here

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The 3 areas of habits
  • How to inventory and track your habits
  • The best way to build new habits and completely transform
  • The power of starting small when you want something to stick

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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