When Is a Time Management System No Longer Serving You?

September 19, 2022

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System Failure: When Is a Time Management System No Longer Serving You?

Nothing about life is set it and forget it. Neither is time management. Whether it’s a routine, a task management tool, or your trusty to-do list, time management isn’t a Crockpot. Our lives change and evolve, and our methods should, too.

Systems are lifeblood around here, but the truth is that we’re all always changing and evolving. What worked for you in one season of your life probably (or definitely) won’t work for you in another season of life. This is especially true when you’re working to level up and find the next higher version of you! 

It’s important to know when you need to let a routine go, but that discovery process can get muddied and confusing. So in the interest of helping you get rid of some of that confusion, I want to tell you what to look for in your time management routines, and when you can tell that a time management routine is no longer of service to you.

Let’s make one thing clear: set it and forget it doesn’t ACTUALLY exist in the world! Whether it’s a routine, task management tool, or your trusty to-do list, time management isn’t a crockpot. You can’t set it and forget it and expect the same strategy to work for you forever. 

Our lives change and evolve, and our methods should, too. How do we know when the time is right to pull the plug on our old routine and craft a new one? 

#1 — Your current routine is causing you to feel scattered. 

Routines are supposed to make our lives easier. The entire point is to save ourselves time, money, energy, stress… you name it. 

So if, at any point, you find a routine is bringing you more stress than positivity and leaving you feeling scattered and aimless, it’s time to put that routine to rest — permanently. What does this look like? 

If you’re constantly feeling tired and down on your routine, feeling that urge to drag your feet, and trying to do a thousand things at once, that routine is NOT creating more organization. It’s creating more of a headache. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and level up your routine in a way that’s going to help your success. Want some tips on how to do that? Last week’s podcast episode, Episode 140, goes into all the details! 

#2 — That daily routine? Yeah, it’s been a few days since you ACTUALLY did it. 

Routines are meant to be a regular thing. There might be some that you do every few days, and many that you do on a daily basis. But if you find that you haven’t touched a routine in a while, it’s probably time to put a new one in its place. 

Maybe that morning routine that made you feel so grounded and clear for 2 years has been pushed to the side for the last week or so. Instead of forcing yourself to get up and repeat the same routine simply because it HAS worked for 2 years, think about putting a new one in place. The truth is that having a routine does nothing for you if you aren’t actually utilizing it! 

#3 — You’re getting curious about other methods. 

New routines are like the honeymoon phase in a new relationship! You start out with stars in your eyes, totally in love, but then after a few months the stars die down. Things you used to love become tiny little annoyances. You start noticing flaws you hadn’t seen before. 

Suddenly, it’s like all you can see is the bad stuff! But then, at some point, you find a happy medium between the honeymoon phase and the phase of flaws. You’re content, and things move along at a decent pace for awhile… 

Until you see something else that piques your interest. Should you go for it and explore something new, or should you stick with what you know? 

When it comes to your routines… I say go for it! If you’re curious about the latest morning routine you’ve seen on Pinterest, give it a shot. The worst that happens is it doesn’t work… but what if it works better than your old routine? 

The key thing to remember about routines is that they aren’t meant to be permanent or a one-size-fits-all. When a routine doesn’t serve you, it can actually prevent you from getting to where you want to be in life. It’s important to evaluate whether a routine is truly working for you or not.

If you’re interested in more 1:1, custom time management support, I’ve also started offering 1:1 coaching services. Click here to learn more and schedule a complimentary call to see how I can help you.

In this solo episode, I talk about:

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How to cut out overwhelm and save time in the process

My 2 favorite methods for creating routines that make sense

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