Productivity and Peace from the Inside Out: Why You Should Make Regulating Your Nervous System Part of Your Daily Routine featuring Michelle Grosser

September 18, 2023

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How to set boundaries

Productivity and Peace from the Inside Out: Why You Should Make Regulating Your Nervous System Part of Your Daily Routine featuring Michelle Grosser

You’re running on caffeine, stress is your shadow, and you’re one traffic jam away from a total meltdown. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? In Episode 192 we dive into the world of nervous systems and inner calm.


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Feeling out of Touch? Let’s expand our Nervous System…

You know that feeling when your body just feels like it’s in shambles? You’re exhausted, you’ve been surviving on iced coffee or gallons of sweet tea. You’re stressed, feeling pushed to your limit, like that straw that broke the camel’s back is going to land on you at any moment and you’re just going to lose it. All you want is some peace and productivity.

Lose it on your coworkers, your kids, your friends, your mom, your spouse – whoever just happens to be in your path whenever the storm hits.

Well – Episode 192 of It’s About Time is about the opposite of that feeling, and helping you get to a place where you’re less likely to explode in the future. 

Recently I began digging deeper into the role that our nervous system plays in the way we show up. Our nervous system helps all parts of the body communicate with each other. And it reacts to changes both inside and outside of our bodies. 

So often when we feel overwhelmed or stressed, we try to solve the way we feel from the outside in. We numb out with TV or phone scrolling, we eat junk food or hit the snooze button too many times. Or maybe we try to get organized, declutter or revamp our schedules. 


But today’s guest, Michelle Grosser, is here to explain how we can feel more present, more productive and procrastinate less from the inside out – by regulating our nervous systems. And we’re diving into exactly what that means in the realm of peace and productivity in today’s episode.

Let me introduce you to Michelle:

Michelle is a Nervous System Expert, Certified Master Life Coach, and host of The Calm Mom Podcast. Through somatic and neuroscience-based modalities, she coaches women through discovering what’s beneath their triggers and emotions, so they can begin their healing journey and find peace in the present. She deeply believes that the most profound thing we can offer our children is our own healing.  She and her husband Jeff have two daughters and live in Miami, FL.

In today’s conversation with Michelle, she shares…

  • Why slowing down has enabled her to speed up and take on more exciting opportunities
  • How our nervous system impacts our productivity and wellbeing
  • Three simple ways to add nervous system regulation to your daily routine
  • The importance of incorporating playtime into our everyday lives to build resilience

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