The Juggle is Real: How to Find Your Balance with Boundaries ft. Kimberly Tara

January 10, 2022

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The Juggle is Real: How to Find Your Balance with Boundaries featuring Kimberly Tara

You know that feeling when you’ve got so many different (and often wonderful!) things going on that life begins to feel a bit like a juggling act? Kimberly Tara can attest that the juggle is real! As a business owner, a CPA and Certified Tax Coach, a blogger, and a mom to three boys – Kimberly knows the juggle first hand.

How to set boundaries


How to Set Boundaries featuring Kimberly Tara

You know that feeling when you’ve got so many different – and often wonderful – things going on that life begins to feel a bit like a circus? Well – maybe not a total three ring circus with tightrope walkers, acrobats and motorcycles flying through flaming hoops – but it at least feels like a juggle.

Constantly and carefully moving from one thing to the next, staying focused so you don’t drop any of the balls. 

Hey friends and welcome to Episode 109 of It’s About Time, a Podcast about Work, Life and Balance. I’m your host, Anna Dearmon Kornick and today’s guest Kimberly Tara knows a thing or two about the juggle and how to set boundaries to find her version of balance.

About Kimberly Tara

Kimberly Tara is a wife, mom, CPA + blogger. With 3 kids ages 5 & under and another on the way, life is busy!

Kimberly opened her tax practice in 2016 & has been serving local business owners’ tax needs since then. Kimberly was inspired to reach a wider audience & specifically serve female business owners in a still male-dominated world. Kimberly’s new program – The Business Prosperity Lab – is REDEFINING wealth building through business and tax planning. The program launches January 24, 2022 and will be covering topics such as starting a PROFITABLE business, how to pay yourself, maximizing tax deductions, how to set boundaries and much more!

Take the ‘Should You Hire Your Kids Quiz’ now and see if this tax strategy would benefit your business!

As a joint project with her husband, Kimberly launched a family travel blog in 2020 after always receiving so many questions from friends about how they traveled with little kids. She’s also started sharing more about their oldest son’s journey with autism and how their whole family has adjusted. You can grab their ‘9 Tips for Traveling with Toddlers & Babies‘ to see how you can travel with little ones, too!

In my conversation with Kimberly, she shares…

  • How she juggles family life, blogging, business and more with grace and gratitude
  • Her super simple 15-minute morning self-care routine. You’re going to want to steal this one!
  • You’ll hear Why having a calendar system has improved her marriage.
  • And finally – she’ll tell us how saying no (even when it’s super scary) and how to set boundaries so you can live your best life

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