Making Time for Money: How to Stay on Top of Your Money Game with Finance Fridays

February 11, 2020

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Making Time for Money: How to Stay on Top of Your Money Game with Finance Fridays

Let’s be honest. Money talk can be stressful, but dealing with your finances doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this episode, I’m pulling back the curtain to tell how I stay on top of my money game every week, and what I’m doing this month to press the reset button on our family and business finances.



When I asked you guys on instagram how money talk makes you feel – but with emojis – I got a lot of throwing up emojis, mind blown emojis, upside down smiley faces, and some sobbing emojis.

I FEEL you. I really really do. I have never been super comfortable with money, and am always envious of those easy breezy financial unicorns who love spreadsheets, and everything about investing just clicks for them.

But – as a coach, I also know how to identify limiting beliefs – aka, beliefs you have about something, like money, that are not only untrue, but are holding you back from achieving your potential. So I admit, I have limiting beliefs about money that I am still working through, and I know that my first step to smashing those limiting beliefs is to watch my mouth.

I’m working to banish negative talk about money from my daily conversation, and my internal self-talk.

No more, “Ugh, I suck at money”.

Or “Ugh, I just don’t understand my retirement stuff.”

Instead, I’m working to replace those limiting beliefs with things like:

“I can figure this out.”

“I will get the hang of this.”

“I can understand money and totally thrive.”

So if you’re already feeling the vomit emoji feelings, hang tight, tell yourself that Yes, you CAN do this.

You are smart. You are capable, and you can understand money things. 

That said – It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am not a financial advisor, and this episode does not constitute any type of financial advice. This is just me, sharing my money story.

In this episode I dig into:

  • How I keep up with my family and business finances every Friday with my Finance Friday routine

  • That time I paid of 13 grand in credit card debt back in 2017 – without a full time job

  • And I’m telling you how I’m pressing the reset button on my family and business finances in February by having my own “Finance February.” Y’all know I love some themes and alliteration.


Here’s the complete list of budget categories I mentioned in the show:

  • Gas

  • Gifts

  • Groceries

  • Home items

  • Home maintenance

  • Homeowners association

  • House projects

  • Life insurance

  • Medical

  • Mortgage

  • Parking

  • Penelope

  • Scott clothes

  • Scott haircut

  • Scott misc

  • Snacks

  • Ubers/Lyfts

  • Utilities

  • Vacation

  • Uncategorized

  • Anna Beauty

  • Anna car wash

  • Anna clothes

  • Anna manicure

  • Anna Massage

  • Babysitters

  • Books

  • Car insurance

  • Car note

  • Causeway tolls

  • Coffee

  • Date night

  • Daycare

  • Dining out

  • Donation

  • Dry cleaning

  • Entertainment

  • Eyebrows

  • Fast food

  • Fitness


Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 5.13.41 PM.png

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