Negotiation can be FUN! Be Brave and Ask with Authenticity featuring Lelia Gowland

January 25, 2021

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Be Brave and Ask with Authenticity: Negotiation Can Be FUN with Lelia Gowland

If the thought of advocating for a higher salary, better working conditions, or raising your rates gives you hives, you NEED Lelia Gowland in your life. As a negotiation expert and author of You Got This: The Ultimate Guide to Negotiation for Professional Women,  Lelia’s got you covered when it comes to asking for what you want.








What do you think of when you hear the word negotiation? Boardrooms and power suits? Uncomfortable conversations about salary numbers and benefits packages?

Negotiation doesn’t have to be scary – and my guest in Episode 65 of It’s About Time is here to tell you why and show you how. And – I know you’re going to love her, no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

I met today’s guest, Lelia Gowland a few years ago at – what I didn’t realize at the time – was her first ever speaking engagement. Clearly – she nailed it. You’ll hear a bit more about how Lelia and I met during our conversation, as well as how she’s a bubbly and delightful, intelligent powerhouse of a women.




About Lelia Gowland

Lelia started her company because women kept coming to her for support in career decision-making. Now a sought after speaker and writer on workplace dynamics for women, Lelia is frequently asked to share her insights in publications such as Forbes, NBC News, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Her book, You Got This: The Ultimate Negotiation Guide for Professional Women has been described as a must-read for any woman ready to come into her power in the workplace.

During the pandemic, Lelia has hosted dozens of virtual programs, baked hundreds of cookies and costumed regularly for no occasion other than her own enjoyment.

In today’s conversation, Lelia shares

  • How she co-parents with her husband, who is also an entrepreneur and why a points system is one of the most successful tools in their relationship

  • What a ta-da list is, and why she takes time to make one each day

  • Why negotiation doesn’t have to be scary – and that you’re probably negotiating more often than you realize.

  • Plus – she shares her crying on the kitchen floor moment, and how self-compassion changes everything.

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