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Growing with Purpose: The Power of Investing in Yourself with Logan Doerries

September 14, 2020

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For Episode 46 of It’s About Time, I’ve decided re-air and re-share Episode 10 with you – Growing with Purpose: The Power of Investing in Yourself.

Back in Episode 10, you met Logan Doerries. Logan shared how conferences, retreats and professional development has made a huge difference in her life, and a major impact on her businesses. She also shared her version of work, life balance, which looks more like work life harmony. Definitely don’t miss that part. But here’s why Episode 10 is such a great fit for today.

After Episode 10 aired back in January 2020, Logan became the new owner and CEO of The School of Styling, a hands-on, community-focused and carefully curated workshop for creative entrepreneurs combining three days of industry expert keynote speakers with fun, interactive activities like floral arranging and tablescape design. Seriously – it’s unlike any conference you’ve ever experienced.

Logan was scheduled to welcome students and speakers from across the country to New Orleans this week for her very first School of Styling as owner and CEO. I was incredibly honored to be invited to join the lineup of speakers alongside business leaders like brand strategist and copywriter, Ashlyn Carter, photographer, educator and podcaster Catherine Guidry, PR Pro Danielle Jackson and many other incredible women.

But Tropical Storm Sally had other plans. Tropical Storm Sally is scheduled to make landfall on Tuesday, September 15 along the Louisiana coastline as a Category 2 Hurricane with New Orleans in it’s direct path. 

So after months of planning and preparation, Logan made the tough, but necessarily decision to postpone this week’s conference to keep the safety of the students and speakers first and foremost. I have been so impressed with her leadership and thoughtfulness as she’s navigated yet another 2020 curveball. Oh – and I should mention, today – Monday, September 14 is her birthday! 

So – if you know Logan, make sure to wish her a happy birthday today. And if you don’t know Logan – I encourage you to follow her on Instagram and send her a birthday note.

Alright – that’s it from me for today. Stay tuned for Episode 10: Growing with Purpose. The Power of Investing in Yourself featuring Logan Doerries.

I’ll be back next week with a new Episode featuring an interview with life coach Chantel Allen all about taming your anxiety.  Don’t miss it!

Investing in yourself can be a little scary sometimes.

Is it worth it?

Are you going to see the return you’re hoping for?

In this episode, Logan Doerries – mom, business owner and community leader – opens up about investing time, strategy and dollars into systems, conferences and coaching. She shares why personal and professional development + accountability should be a huge priority for all of us and how to get started – no matter your profession or season of life.

You definitely don’t have to be a mom or a business owner for this episode to make a huge impact on your personal and professional life.

Logan is the creator of Logan Doerries Design and Pop of Love NOLA. She is a new mom to the 10 month old little boy, Shepard. Whenever she finds herself with free time, she loves to roam the aisles of Target, take extra long bubble baths while reading a brightly covered book, or find a great picnic spot in New Orleans City Park. Her biggest passion is making the “everyday” great – whether that be a beautiful floral arrangement on the breakfast table, making memories with her son, or showcasing her client’s seemingly “average” talents in a unique way. As an ENFP, she is a “campaigner” by nature. Logan loves making connections, and helping other creatives build their businesses. She LIVES for community building, because she understands that it takes a village in motherhood AND entrepreneurship. Logan wants nothing more than to help others curate a business that will succeed.

In this episode, Logan shares about

  • investing time and strategy in her business to prepare for and totally rock her maternity leave

  • investing in conferences and retreats to grow professionally

  • what it’s like to work with a business coach and the ROI she’s seen as a result of taking accountability to the next level

  • what she really thinks about work/life balance, and what she strives for instead. (Spoiler Alert: It’s harmony.)


What will it take you to get from chaos to calm?

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