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Simplified Launch Day: Anna’s Favorites

April 5, 2022

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…perfect for the woman who is making a comeback, stronger and bolder than ever. — Simplified

These words gave me chills as I watched Simplified’s Instagram Reel last night, revealing my favorite of their newest Simplified Planner covers: Navy Bluebonnets. Is she not gorgeous?!

If you’ve been a part of the ADK community for any amount of time, you know Emily Ley’s company Simplified is a big part of my time management toolbox. I’m one of the many that anticipate her annual cover reveal with as much impatience as Christmas morning. This time around, Emily has been teasing what their team calls “Simplified 3.0” – a shift in how they approached their entire line of planners and products. I’m here to tell you, it did not disappoint! Emily and team did such an admirable job of bringing her effervescent brand into a new era, one filled with intentional products, bright designs, and of course – her timeless Happy Stripe.

In honor of Simplified Launch Day, I’m sharing with you my absolute must-haves from the collection.

  • Navy Bluebonnets Daily & Weekly Planners – IN. LOVE. with this new pattern! I may not be from Texas, but boy can I ever appreciate the symbolism of the bluebonnet: strong, resilient, determined. And y’all know I love those blue hues.
  • Navy Bluebonnets Pencil Pouch – this size is so helpful to toss in my bag with essentials for me and the girls.
  • Sage Silk Scarf Monthly Planner – not only is this cover absolutely beautiful, but this monthly planner looks like a great spot to organize meal planning, track workouts or other habits.
  • Sage Linen Journal – some mornings when my head is spinning as I sit down at my desk, I get everything out of my head and onto paper with a mindsweep. Mindsweeps are even better when you’re sweeping into a gorgeous journal.
  • Carolina Gingham Mini Notebook – perfect to pop into your bag to capture thoughts that you just don’t feel like tapping into a phone notes. I like to keep one nearby to capture ideas.
  • Carolina Gingham Gift Wrap Sheets – a simple way to spark joy with your gift giving. Can you tell I love this pattern, too?
  • Flag Paper Clips – I also love using these as bookmarks so I don’t lose my spot in my bedside book!
  • Grace Not Perfection pink hat – I probably wear this hat once a week. It’s perfect for days when your dry shampoo just isn’t doing it for you and you need to pop out and run and errand.
  • List Are My Love Language coffee mug – has there ever been a truer statement? Whether it’s a list in Asana, Trello, or handwritten in my Simplified planner – lists keep me on track.
  • Gold Ruler – I mean, come on. This is just pretty!
  • Home Base Binder – one of my go-tos for a housewarming gift to first-time homeowners!
  • Do What Matters art print – the best reminder ever.

Time to stock up!

Over the next couple weeks, I’m looking forward to sharing how I integrate my Simplified planner & journal products into my overall time management approach, blending paper with tech tools. Trust me, I promise it can be done!

If you’re a longtime Emily Ley fan as well, which 2022-23 Simplified cover was your favorite from this year’s reveal?! Comment below!

What will it take you to get from chaos to calm?

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