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Simple Magic: How to Be More Intentional with Your Time, Your Friendships and How You Show Up Online featuring Rhiannon Bosse

November 15, 2021

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You know those conversations with a good friend that start at point A and then meander all over the place, taking detours and rounding corners, catching up and touching on a little bit of everything – all of it equally meaningful and memorable? You don’t even make it to Point B, but where you ended up was so much better than you could have anticipated.

That’s exactly what today’s conversation with Rhiannon Bosse felt like. Rhi – as she’s often called – Rhi and I met a year ago on a sunny, crisp, cool day in the courtyard of the Il Mercato, a gorgeous, Spanish colonial style venue situated in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. It was Day One of The School of Styling, a one-of-a-kind business and styling intensive for creatives, and we were both on the agenda as speakers. 

Fortunately, once The School of Styling ended and Rhi and I went our separate ways, we continued to stay in touch over Instagram and a friendship blossomed and bloomed in the DMs. Everything from business to motherhood, to work/life balance, raising toddlers, priorities, and more have popped up in our conversation throughout the past year – and I’m absolutely delighted to share my conversation with Rhi with you today. 

About Rhiannon Bosse

Rhiannon Bosse is a multifaceted creative entrepreneur with a passion and talent for elevating the ordinary. She’s spearheaded Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations for the last plus decade, planning and floral designing one of a kind weddings and events around the world. Her accolades have included mentions on best of lists with Vogue, Brides, The Knot, Martha Stewart, and The Grand Rapids Business Journal. In 2018 she launched an artisan soap making business with a focus on all natural, handmade cold process soap. Her soap bars have been used and loved in thousands of homes since her inaugural launch and offer customers a joyful and natural approach to a utilitarian part of the everyday. Personally, Rhiannon finds joy in spending time with her two little boys and husband, Andrew. Whether it’s building a LEGO city, baking another loaf of fresh sourdough, or finding the best places for another game of hide and seek, she delights in simple pleasures, memory making, and moving slowly when warranted. She hopes to one day retire in Seaside along 30A.

In today’s conversation with Rhi, she shares…

  • How she runs two very different businesses while raising her two boys
  • How she creates “Monthly Magic” and memorable experiences for her family
  • Why different stages and phases of life can affect the quality of our friendships and sense of community
  • How social media has affected authenticity, motherhood, and perfectionism, and how to bring more intention to what you share online

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