Doing All the Things: Task Management and Quarterly Planning with Kat Schmoyer

June 13, 2022

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Doing All the Things: Time Management and Quarterly Planning with Kat Schmoyer

How does someone achieve work-life balance, launch four successful businesses with their partner, and still find time to spend with their kiddos? Kat Schmoyer is a business coach, integrator, and entrepreneur who’ll tell you that it’s no walk in the park, but it’s doable.

How to set boundaries


Is work-life balance a real thing? Can you run a successful business with your spouse? Is it possible to be a dedicated entrepreneur and parent at the same time? Look at Kat Schmoyer, and the answers are “yes, yes, and yes.”

About Kat Schmoyer

What does Kat do? A better question is, what doesn’t she do? Kat runs multiple businesses from home with her husband, Matt. There’s…

  • Dear Sweetheart Events, a wedding planning business based in Virginia
  • Creative at Heart, an online membership community and conference
  • Kat Schmoyer, her namesake brand, where she hosts a mastermind and offers coaching and integration services
  • Talking Small Business, a podcast for creatives she co-hosts with her biz-bestie

On top of all that, Kat and Matt have two young children, and just welcomed their third into the world! Phew! You might look at Kat’s to-do list and panic, but as a “multi-passionate” person who’s driven to do what she loves, Kat is thriving. Being her own boss and working with Matt means that they both have the freedom and flexibility to raise their kids and run their businesses.

How Kat became an entrepreneur

How did Kat get to this level of entrepreneurship? Like many creatives we both know, her first step into the biz owner world was wedding planning! Not long after she and Matt got married, Kat launched Dear Sweetheart Events. But because this was a time before entrepreneurs embraced community over competition, it was difficult — and could be pretty cutthroat. That’s why Kat founded Creative at Heart, an annual conference and now online membership community. She wanted to show entrepreneurs that they could come together as one to learn and grow.

One thing I like about how Kat approaches her work? From wedding planning to conference hosting to integration, it’s all project management. It’s seeing one big project through from start to finish. She also looks at the bigger picture when tackling her day-to-day tasks, but not too big. Planning by quarter motivates you by keeping your goals in sight, but it isn’t so far off in the future it feels like you’re not making any progress.

What is integration?

If you’re wondering what integration is, good question! To be successful, every small business needs two things: a Visionary, a CEO-type figure who runs it all and has big dreams; and an Integrator like Kat who helps bring those dreams to life. When you have a Visionary and an Integrator working together to achieve a goal, magic happens. Kat’s project planning and goal-setting skills make her an excellent Integrator, which is why she now runs an integration agency to help high-level creatives make their dreams come true. In this episode, Kat and I talk about how her integrator agency works, why quarterly planning is her preferred approach to time management, how people can stay motivated, and so much more. Tune in to the whole episode to learn more about Kat! And if you’re looking for more resources on quarterly planning, definitely check out her YouTube channel and her blog!

In my conversation with Kat, she shares…

  • The multiple businesses she runs and how she became an entrepreneur
  • What being an Integrator means and what types of high-level creatives her agency serves
  • Essential tools and resources she uses for task management and biz operations (and there’s only four of them!)
  • How keeping the bigger picture in mind and creating a sustainable ongoing routine can help people tackle their daily tasks and work on bringing their dreams to life
  • How people can get started with quarterly planning and avoid getting discouraged

Stay in Touch with Kat

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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