Living By Design: How to Define Your Purpose and Stop Wasting Time in Default Mode featuring Kate House

August 7, 2023

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How to set boundaries

Living By Design: How to Define Your Purpose and Stop Wasting Time in Default Mode featuring Kate House

Do you ever find yourself struggling to strike a balance between what truly matters and your never-ending to-do lists? If so, this episode is a treat for you!


success with time management

We all know how precious time is and how it shapes our lives. If you’re struggling to find the balance between what truly matters and endless to-do lists, you’re in for a treat. Join us for a fun chat with Kate House – a Health coach and educator, as we uncover the secrets to reclaiming your time and living life on your terms by finding success with time management!

Meet Kate House

Kate is a passionate health coach and educator, who has dedicated herself to helping busy individuals regain control of their schedules. With her warm and friendly approach, Kate coaches her clients through the process of prioritization, taming to-do lists, and crafting effective schedules. Plus, she offers valuable insights on cultivating the right mindset for success with time management!

So how does she do it? Kate’s approach to time management is all about embracing the journey and finding productivity through various processes. In her interview, she shares how being flexible is the key to finding success with time management. Whether it’s balancing family life with personal and professional goals or prioritizing self-care, Kate’s insights will empower you to take charge of your time and live life on your terms!

In the show, we go into more detail about that, plus:

  1. Balancing family life with pursuing personal and professional goals.
  2. Embracing self-care as a key component of effective time management.
  3. The importance of flexibility and adaptability on the time management journey.

Resources mentioned: 

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