How to Live a Well-Rounded Life

July 11, 2022

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How to Live a Well-Rounded Life featuring Geomyra Pollard

Work-life balance is out. We’re living well-rounded lives, instead.   Geomyra Pollard, the queen of living well-rounded, graced my microphone this week for a fantastic podcast episode that details her journey to find balance in her life.

How to set boundaries


Everyone loves to talk about living a well-rounded life, but what does that actually mean? What is a well-rounded life and how can we create one for ourselves? 

Let’s paint a picture: it’s summer 2021 and I’m at the Creative at Heart Round 10. This amazing woman is doing a breakout session all about well-rounded living. And I’m absolutely hooked on every single word she’s saying. All I can think is: “I have got to connect with this woman!” 

Her name’s Geomyra Pollard, and I recently had the most amazing conversation with her about true well-rounded living — and how it can change the world! Geomyra works 1:1 with clients to help them implement systems and run profitable businesses without sacrificing their work-life balance in the process. 

I don’t know about you, but I ABSOLUTELY need this kind of magic in my life! 

What is living well-rounded?

Guess what? You don’t have to sacrifice your family life in order to go all-in on your business or climb that corporate ladder. You can have it all — and Geomyra is proof of that! Married to her high school sweetheart for 14 years and mom to two children, she knows what it means to be an involved parent and partner. 

When she first began her career, she realized that she wanted the luxury of being a business owner while maintaining the luxury of being a hands-on parent. Her own personal experience trying to be an involved working mother while building a business is what led her to help other moms find the same sort of peace. Because a busy family life doesn’t mean your career should fall to the wayside, or vice versa!

Geomyra also believes that living well-rounded is a lifestyle. It’s a practice that will be ever-evolving depending on what season of life you’re in. Truthfully, work-life balance does not exist for her (or anyone, she says!) because the two are not on the same playing field. 

Family will always come before work. 

So instead of striving to find a balance between the two and put them both on equal pedestals, Geomyra simply balances everything else around her family. For example, the conference where we met, Creative At Heart, took a lot of preparation for her. Her family knew that before the conference, she needed to step back and be more present at work. 

But the moment she came back, she switched gears and went right back into her family life. 

A well-rounded lifestyle is not doing it all at once. Instead, it’s the ability to switch gears between these very important aspects of our lives. Step back and be present at work when needed. And other times, you might need to step back from work to be more present in your family life. 

Her advice for finding what “well-rounded” looks like for you? Determine what buckets of your life are important to you and the order in which they are. Then, you can decide how you are going to allocate your time based on these aspects of your life. If you need more date nights with your spouse because you’ve been stuck in a work hole, go do it. If you need to reconnect with your kids and spend 1:1 time with them, feel free to block out that time in your work calendar and don’t schedule any calls or meetings. 

The biggest thing is to treat the time with your family the same way you’d treat an important work meeting: be focused, attentive, and put the right people in the right place. 

The secret to doing it all is…

Geomyra is an absolute superwoman. She does a thousand different things every single day, between work, serving her family, loving on her family, and being an active community member. The key? 

“I don’t do all the things at the same time,” she says. As she explained, not all money is good money. If you take on every single client and opportunity that comes your way, you’ll end up taking more of a hit emotionally, mentally, and financially in the long run. 

If you’re a service-based business owner, one of the most important things you can do is diversify your product suite to include evergreen products, batch your content, and be extremely intentional with your time. As Geomyra says, she is family-first. She makes her family the core of her life and fits the business and everything else around her family. 

When you run a business, you have the control and ability to change anything and everything at any time. If something doesn’t feel good, intentional, or in alignment in this season of your life, give yourself the permission to make a change. 

Work smarter, not harder. Batch, outsource, and get help as much as you can! 

Geomyra’s go-to tools to stay organized

With two kids, a husband, and a business to run, Geomyra has tons going on at any given time. To many, that might seem like it would lead to overwhelming, but there are some key tools and strategies she uses to keep herself, her business, and her family organized.

Color-coordinated Google calendar

Geomyra uses a color-coordinated calendar to keep appointments organized for both business and personal life. Each member of her family is a different color in the calendar so it’s easy to see which events each person needs to attend. With one big calendar, she can overlap both business and family to make sure that her schedule stays on point. 

Client management is key

Her two favorite client relationship tools? Dubsado and Honeybook. These allow her to send contracts, invoices, updates, and automations to her clients without having to put too much time and energy into it. 

Weekly resets

Every week, Geomyra and her family take one day to start fresh. They set intentions for the week ahead, as well as go over a checklist of what needs to and should get done. It’s a way for them to stay in alignment with what is going on so that they can be prepared and ready before jumping into the week. This includes a meal plan, pick-up and drop-off schedules, kids’ outfits, etc.

Social media batching

Planoly is Geomyra’s go-to resource for social media, though she is a self-proclaimed social media recluse. By planning out and scheduling your social content ahead of time, you can get extremely intentional with your time and ensure you aren’t spending hours and hours scrolling mindlessly through Instagram. 

A well-rounded life liaison

The biggest takeaway from my chat with Geomyra? You don’t have to do everything yourself. 

As women, moms, and business owners, we often get stuck with this societal conditioning that tells us if we don’t do everything ourselves, all the time, bad things will happen. Maybe tasks won’t get completed, the house won’t be cleaned, clients won’t feel served and taken care of. 

Geomyra doesn’t subscribe to this ideology at all. In fact, she believes the exact opposite is necessary for a well-rounded life. She has a well-rounded life liaison — someone who works in her house twice a week and picks up any tasks she hasn’t been able to do or doesn’t have the capacity to get to in order to take the burden off of her shoulders. Because she doesn’t and shouldn’t have to do everything herself and neither should you! 

In fact, having people to help you is a way to pour into other families. You’re now providing a job for someone else to help support their family while also allowing yourself to pour into all the right buckets in your own life. 

Ready to go from “juggling it all” to feeling well-rounded?

If you’ve been reading this and thinking: “My life is a hot mess. How the heck do I get from Point A to Point B, where I’m living well-rounded?” 

Geomyra has a few pieces of advice:

Understand this will take time

Nothing happens overnight. Geomyra’s own journey to a well-rounded life took years. It’s not going to instantly become your new lifestyle simply because you want it to. Instead, have patience as you evolve to this new level. 

Start small 

If the idea of overhauling your entire life seems overwhelming, start small. Just plug in little bits of things that bring you more joy, like yoga classes and girls’ nights out. Take inventory of the things in your life that feel noisy and nonsensical, and then figure out how you can take those off your own plate. 

Set boundaries

Life is too short to waste your time on things that aren’t important to you. Learn how to say no and set boundaries with the things in your life that don’t serve you or move you forward in some way. 

Connect with Geomyra

Living well-rounded is about making sure that you’ve created a life that supports what matters most to you. We are not just business people, parents, or employees — we are whole people. And we need to accept, recognize, and honor that part of ourselves. 

You don’t have to force yourself to do a thousand different things in order to be well-rounded. In fact, you can be well-rounded by doing just a few things with your life. It’s about creating a life that feels both sustainable and fulfilling to you. Do the things that bring you joy, and the rest will follow.

Geomyra is all about pouring into others. She works with clients 1:1, speaks at events, has courses, and has her own podcast (which I just so happened to be a guest on a few weeks ago!) If you’d like to learn more about how Geomyra can help you implement systems for a sustainable business and a well-rounded lifestyle, click here to check her out

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why living well-rounded is the key to doing it all 
  • Geomyra’s top tools for staying organized and well-rounded
  • What is a well-rounded life liaison? 
  • How to go from hot mess to well-rounded ASAP

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