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3 Proven Steps to Creating Your Version of Balance

May 29, 2024

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How to set boundaries

3 Proven Steps to Creating Your Version of Balance

Have you ever tried typing “how to not be overwhelmed” into a Google search? Turns out there are millions of solutions out there. If you ask me, overcoming overwhelm shouldn’t be so overwhelming! Tune in for a special gift from me to YOU that’ll help you overcome overwhelm, create your version of balance, and tackle each day with confidence.


Every year around my birthday I enjoy reflecting on the past, and thinking about the future. Like I said last week in Episode 227, our birthdays and milestone moments are a great time to daydream and create or update your vision for the future. 

This year for my birthday, I’ve actually got a gift for you – a gift on how to create your version of work-life balance – so be sure to keep listening all the way to the end of this episode to find out what it is. 

But first, I want to know, does the overwhelm of trying to figure out time management and create your version of work-life balance ever leave you feeling defeated when there’s never enough time to get everything done? Or maybe instead of feeling defeated, you feel anxious that you’re letting everyone around you – your family, coworkers, friends – that you’re letting them down.

What about frustration? It’s easy to feel frustrated when you’re dropping balls left and right because you haven’t figured out how to manage your time and everything on your plate. 

Maybe, deep down, you’re afraid that you won’t be able to grow your business or level up in your career because you already feel so stretched thin. 

If any of that resonates with you, first of all I want you to know that you’re not alone – and you’re also in the right place. Because this episode is especially for you.

So today, we’re talking about:

  • Why it’s important to create your version of work-life balance
  • My journey into overwhelm and burnout, and how I dug myself out
  • How 3 big steps changed my life and work-life balance for the better
  • Your free gift that will help you go from overwhelmed to organized, without suffering from information overload

Create Your Version of Work-Life Balance: Overcome the Overwhelm

I know exactly what it feels like to be overwhelmed, and then to feel even more overwhelmed trying to figure out how to not be overwhelmed.

Have you ever tried typing how to not be overwhelmed into a Google search? If you have, then maybe you’d know that there are more than 365 million results to sift through. We’re talking about countless solutions, books, 12-step methods, planners, TED Talks, productivity hacks and more only adding to your stress as you try to sort through the noise.

Many of you know that there’s burnout in my past. And that after a 10-year career in the 24/7 world of Crisis Communications and government affairs I realized that I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea how to get to the other side of it.

And truth be told, I struggled. I read stacks upon stacks of books, listened to tons of podcasts and immersed myself in anything I could get my hands on to figure out how to actually create the life I envisioned for myself.

When I look back at that part of my life, I can now see how bit by bit and piece by piece the puzzle was coming together. But at the time I just felt like I was floundering, trying to find something to grab on to and something that would make sense for me. It definitely wasn’t easy, and it certainly wasn’t overnight, but slowly, with a lot of trial and error, I found a way to overcome the overwhelm, burnout and lack of direction that I was feeling. 

And then, once I realized and recognized the 3 big steps I had taken, I started sharing them with others. People started asking me for advice, noticing the changes I’d made in my life.

I started being asked to speak about time management – even before I decided to become a time management coach. What I realized is that regardless of who you are or what specific things in your life are causing you overwhelm, there are three steps that you can take to create the life you want for yourself – your version of balance, your version of thriving, or fulfilled or happy – whatever that looks like for you. 

Introducing Blueprint to Balance

And I’m so excited to share that simple method with you in my brand new, totally free mini-course called Blueprint to Balance. 

Inside Blueprint to Balance, you’ll learn a proven, 3-part process to help you beat overwhelm, get organized and optimize your time in a way that actually sticks long-term. 

This is the same process that worked for me, and it’s the same process I use with my time management coaching clients – and now, I’m giving you this for free. 

When you press play on the Blueprint to Balance videos – and by the way, each video is only 5-10 minutes long – when you press play on the videos, you’ll learn the step you can’t skip to beat overwhelm, and I’m revealing the real reason why you’re overwhelmed. I’m sharing the shortcut to help you take control of your time, and as a bonus, I’m sharing the six tools you need for less overwhelm and more joy. These are the six tools that will help you maintain and sustain your version of balance even when life throws curveballs your way. 

After you apply what you learn from Blueprint to Balance, you’ll have peace of mind as you create calm from the chaos. You’ll have a clear vision of what you want for your life and the excitement to go chase it! You’ll have more confidence in your decision making around how you spend your time. You’ll feel more prepared to overcome overwhelm if it ever tries to sneak up on you in the future. and you’ll have more time to spend on what matters most to you. 

I can still remember how I felt the day that I decided enough was enough.

After forcing myself to get out of my light blue Jeep Liberty in a downtown New Orleans parking lot, I trudged through the thick summer air to my building. Once I was safe from the humidity inside the empty cinder block stairwell, I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Tears started pouring down my face.

I was broken. Overwhelmed. And I couldn’t keep going like this.

Sometimes it takes crying in a stairwell to know that you’ve fully hit the limit of overwhelm that you’re willing to accept.

After I wiped my tears and fixed my smudged mascara, I made the decision right then and there to find a better way of doing life. At the time, I had no idea what lay ahead of me, but it was just the beginning.

I started with a productivity podcast, hoping that would give me the key. Which then led me to a book, and then another book, and more books. Suddenly, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of information available. 

Conflicting information. Information that didn’t fit my life.

Information that didn’t make sense, or seemed too complicated. 

Beating overwhelm shouldn’t be so overwhelming. 

And fortunately, it doesn’t have to be for you. 

Create Your Version of Work-Life Balance with Blueprint to Balance

Blueprint to Balance contains everything you need to get started on your path from overwhelmed to organized, and I’m so excited that I can help you save time (and your sanity) by sharing the best of what I’ve learned.

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