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Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions – and What I Do Instead

December 30, 2019

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I seriously can’t believe we’re nearly at the end of 2019. We’re standing at the edge of a brand new year and a brand new decade, and it’s got me thinking about the last 10 years. How much life has changed, how much I’ve learned, and how my life right now doesn’t look at all like I’d pictured when I was a 24 year old back in 2009.

Sometimes life just doesn’t turn out the way we expect, right? But even when we experience failure, detours or a change of plans along the way, we’re still growing, learning and being shaped into who we are to become. 

Back in episode 1, we talked about how anytime is a good time for a fresh start, but there’s just something about the new year that makes us want to stand up a little straighter and strive to learn a little more, or be a little better. Many of us start by making New Year’s Resolutions. 

You know that thing you want to do that gives you butterflies? You can’t stop thinking about it? Maybe it’s a European vacation, starting a business, writing that book. Maybe you’ve got a half marathon in your sights, or you want to make a big career change. Well my friend – This is your year to get SMART and make it happen, but a plain jane New Year’s Resolution probably won’t get you there.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Why I don’t make New Years Resolutions

  • What I do instead

  • The difference between resolutions and goals

  • The TWO types of goals you should be setting in 2020

  • How to set goals that will set you up for success

Goals v. Resolutions

  • A resolution is typically open ended. I want to eat healthier. I want to run more. Spend more time with family. 

  • A goal is specific. Measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. You definitely know if you’re making progress, and you know when you’ve hit your mark. 

The Two Types of Goals You Should Be Setting in 2020

  • Project goals are things you want to accomplish, that have a set end point – but it takes multiple steps to get you there.

  • Habit Goals are things you want to start doing on a regular basis. This could be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or some other time frame. It doesn’t have a set end date, and it’s all about repetition, keeping it up and not breaking the chain. 

SMART – is an acronym for the qualities of a well planned goal.

  • S – Specific

  • M – Measurable

  • A – Attainable OR Adventurous

  • R – Relevant

  • T – Time Bound

What goals are YOU setting in the upcoming year? Let us know over in the It’s About Time Podcast Community on Facebook.


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