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Conference Confidence: The Ultimate Guide to Making the Most of Your Next Conference

August 2, 2021

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Conference Confidence: The Ultimate Guide to Making the Most of Your Next Conference

This past year, the conferences on our calendar went virtual and we networked via Zoom squares. Now, as conferences are beginning to take place in person once again, your formerly stellar conference skills might be feeling a little rusty. That’s why I’ve compiled my ultimate list of tips to help you make the most of your next conference.







When it comes to prepping for attending a conference, there’s always a little anticipation and a little excitement – mixed with some apprehension, maybe some pre-conference jitters.

That’s why in Episode 89, I’m dusting off my favorite, tried-and-true tips for making the most of your conference experience, no stress required.

So today, we’re talking about

  • What you should do before you leave to make sure you’re prepped, all set and ready to go

  • I’ll share how to squeeze as much value from the conference as possible, while still making time for the fun stuff

  • You’ll also hear tips on how to make new friends, and approach that speaker you’ve been dying to meet

  • And finally, I’ll cover what to do once you get back home to make sure you you actually take action on what you learned while you were soaking it all up in conference mode



  • Add the conference dates to your calendar.

  • Set expectations with your team, and with your family

  • Look at the weeks before and after your conference and plan accordingly

  • Set boundaries and decide in advance what constitutes an emergency and what you’re willing to do while you’re in conference mode

  • And most importantly – Get clear about your primary goal for attending the conference. Whether it’s to learn, meet new people or cultivate new business – knowing your goal can influence how you show up.


  • Make sure you’re following the conference’s social media accounts and getting involved in the Facebook group if there is one.

  • Scope out the conference schedule so you can plan your can’t miss events in advance

  • Schedule social time, but leave some room for spontaneity

  • Figure out what pockets of time you can use for recharge

  • Place an order for things like business cards or chargers so you’re not scrambling last minute


  • Choose your conference notebook

  • Pack the essentials

  • Go through your out of office checklist

  • Practice your elevator pitch

  • Add a time block to your calendar the week you get back for a Conference Recap


  • Watch the booze

  • Stick to your routine

  • Always have a pen handy

  • Save your receipts

  • Don’t be afraid to approach speakers and say hello


  • Follow through with that Conference Recap time block

  • Reach out to any new contacts you’ve made that you want to keep in touch with

  • Go through your conference notebook and pull any action items or ideas you want to pursue

  • Send any thank you notes

  • And kick your prioritization skills into high gear as you’re getting back into the back to work groove.

I’d love to know what conferences you’re looking forward to and if this conference confidence checklist is helpful for you. Pop over to the free It’s About Time group on facebook and let us know!


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