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Balanced Not Busy: How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Actually Stick to Them with Ciji Townsend

May 3, 2021

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Balanced Not Busy: How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Actually Stick to Them with Ciji Townsend

Setting and sticking to healthy boundaries is easier said than done. Saying “no” can be a struggle, and the next thing we know our calendars are filled with other people’s priorities. Listen in as Ciji Townsend, host of the Being Balanced podcast, shares what it means to be balanced, and how to define and enforce healthy boundaries in your life.








What does balance or living a balanced life mean to you? Do you think it’s even possible? The debate about work/life balance – and whether it’s a real thing –  has been taking place since the phrase was introduced in the 80s as more and more women entered the workforce.

When our calendars are full and we’re racing from one thing to the next, balance can feel elusive, fleeting or even downright impossible.

But y’all – today’s guest is proof that balance IS actually possible. It might just look, and feel a little different than we all expected.

About Ciji Townsend

Ciji Townsend is genuine and authentic on her everyday journey to live balanced, not busy and provide practical solutions to find balance and ultimately shift from crazy busy to confident calm.

Ciji has been intrigued by the word “busy” since she was six years old.  Surrounded by working parents and grandparents, everyone seemed to be really really busy…ALL of the time.  Ciji was initiated into her family’s secret society of busy people when she turned 13.  Her over programmed social calendar, full schedule and ridiculous amount of commitments from school sports to the youth and government club were some official rites of passage.

Ciji remained committed to the condition of being busy in high school, college and for many years post-graduation.  Until one day a light bulb went off and she no longer wanted to respond to “how are you?” with the overused response, “I’m so busy.”

Her life as a balanced person has certainly not limited her from identifying and pursuing each one of her passions.  Professionally, she has worked as an Account Manager for Dyalect Marketing, Marketing Manager for Red Bull North America and currently in Corporate Public Relations at Cox Communications.

Outside of her 9-5, she works 5-9 and sometimes even later to serve in the Atlanta community.  She is President Emeritus of the Urban League of Greater Atlanta Young Professionals, she is a member of the LEAD Atlanta 2013 class, a New Leaders Council Louisiana 2015 Fellow and a participant in the Leadership Buckhead class of 2017.  She is a graduate of the Leadership Georgia Class of 2018 and was inducted into Outstanding Atlanta in the Fall of 2019 and serves as the 2021 President. She’s a member of the Junior League of Atlanta where she serves as Director of Sustainer Engagement. Most recently, Ciji was elected to serve as the 2021 Secretary and Treasurer of the Blandtown Neighborhood Association.

Additionally, she is the Founder of Balanced Not Busy a space for go-getters to find rest. She inspires, encourages and empowers as a public speaker, wellness advocate and host of the being BALANCED podcast.

How does she do it all? Ciji is rooted in prioritizing her time and doing the things that matter most, that she is passionate about and that fulfills her life.  Rather than focusing on a work life balance, she lives life and avoids sacrificing her joy by glorifying “busyness.”

Ciji lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Travis and stepson, Tripp

In today’s conversation with Ciji, she shares…

  • How a simple social media hashtag changed everything for her

  • What it means to be balanced, not busy

  • The difference between having boundaries and having healthy boundaries

  • And finally – she shares how to define and enforce healthy boundaries in order to shape a life that you truly love.




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