The Life-Changing Magic of a Home Edit: What It’s Really Like to Work with a Professional Organizer featuring Sara West

March 22, 2021

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The Life-Changing Magic of a Home Edit: What It’s Really Like to Work with a Professional Organizer featuring Sara West

Truth be told, I always thought that hiring a pro organizer was for fancy people. After working with Sara West, owner of South Coast Organizers, I learned firsthand the absolute joy and relief that comes from working with an unbiased pro.








Ok – so by the time this episode goes live – I should be in the thick of the newborn haze, which is exactly why I absolutely have to tell you all about my experience working with today’s guest.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram for the past few months, you might have seen that my family moved to a new house, in a new city when I was 34 weeks pregnant. Basically, at the end of 2020, my husband Scott got a new, long-term assignment at work that resulted in a crazy long commute. As a time management coach and podcaster, I can work from anywhere, so – we decided to put the pedal to the metal and try to move closer to his work before the baby’s mid-March due date.

Prepping, listing, selling, looking, buying and moving is quite an ordeal during any season of life – but I knew that unpacking and getting settled with the timer running out on this pregnancy was really going to push me to my limits. Not to mention, we downsized by about 250 square feet. I was very stressed and incredibly anxious about how we were going to make it all work – and did not want to bring a newborn home to a house filled with boxes.

So – instead of trying to be superwoman and do it all myself – I hired another super woman to bring her expertise and help us unpack more than 100 boxes (we stopped counting at 90) – and here’s the kicker – we did it all in only three days.

With the recent explosion of interest in decluttering and organizing – from tidying up with Marie Kondo to the rainbow loving Joanna and Clea from The Home Edit – I’d always thought that hiring a pro organizer was for fancy people with grand homes… boy, has my perspective changed.

About Sara West

After years of being the go-to organizer for friends and family when moving out, moving in and moving together, she launched her business South Coast Organizers in 2019. She extends her passion, vision and talents to assist her clients in organizing, decluttering and designing spaces they will love. She enjoys working with clients who want to be engaged in the process, but also understands that some people are ready to hand off the project, ghost and return later for the grand reveal. After working with Sara you will feel relieved and re-energized about your spaces.

Sara lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her husband Ryan and their fur baby, Oliver. You can typically find her around Mid City Baton Rouge grabbing coffee at French Truck or a cocktail with friends at Radio Bar. She loves attending local events like Mid City Makers Market and Live After Five. You can also find Sara during Mardi Gras season dancing with the infamous Babycakes dance crew. If you’re in the area and run into the Babycakes, be on the lookout for Sara in her mullet wig.

In today’s conversation with Sara, she shares…

  • The mindset block that holds so many women back from delegating or asking for help

  • How she pivoted from a career in teaching to starting her business from scratch, and then gradually growing it by keeping things simple

  • She also shares her two top tips for being more intentional with your stuff and getting organized

  • And finally, she walks us through the 4-step process of what it’s really like to have a pro organizer come into your home and totally change your life




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