Time to Shine: How to Get the Recognition You Deserve Without Feeling Boastful or Braggy featuring Danielle Bayard Jackson

February 8, 2021

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Time to Shine: How to Get the Recognition You Deserve Without Feeling Boastful or Braggy featuring Danielle Bayard Jackson

We’re often taught that singing our own praises is a bad thing. Some of us were even told to “just work hard and keep your mouth shut” in order to move up the ladder.








How do you feel about tooting your own horn?

What about singing your own praises, or being your own biggest cheerleader.

That’s exactly what we talked about in Episode 67 of It’s About Time – but, to be honest, we covered way more than that, too.

But – to be honest, it’s about way more than that too.

Episode 67’s guest, Danielle Bayard Jackson – just like you – is not a one-note woman.

She’s got a lot going on, and she’s the first to admit that balancing work, life, family and friendships is not always sunshine and roses – and her blog Hustle. Cry. Repeat. gives the inside scoop on what battling burnout as a working mom looks like – up close and personal.

But I didn’t invite Danielle on the show just to chat about how tough the balancing act can be – nope – she’s lending her public relations expertise to give us simple steps we can start taking today to stand up for ourselves, to advocate on our behalf and to land the dream jobs, dream clients and dream media coverage we’ve been well… dreaming of. It’s possible with the power of personal PR.




About Danielle Bayard Jackson

By day, Danielle Bayard Jackson is the founder of TELL Public Relations, an education-based agency dedicated to helping underrepresented female entrepreneurs get the shine they deserve. Danielle’s agency, TELL Public Relations represents YouTube stars, Forbes contributors, national recognized influencers, award-winning filmmakers and more.

By night, Danielle is a certified women’s coach focusing primarily on friendship and communication. She teaches women how to have better relationships with each other through research-based strategies. She’s the founder of Friend Forward, a digital community that provides coaching, research articles, and connection events for women looking to create and maintain true friendships. She’s the author of Give It a Rest: The Case for Tough-Love Friendships and the host of the Friend Forward – a podcast for Millennial women looking to understand the complexities of female friendship.

In today’s conversation, Danielle shares

  • What exactly it means to be a Certified Friendship Coach

  • How she pivoted from a career in teaching to teaching herself public relations to building a successful PR agency from the ground up

  • Why setting healthy boundaries is critical to show up as her best self across all of her endeavors

  • Plus simple steps that you can take to show off your shine, without feeling icky, braggy or boastful.

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What will it take you to get from chaos to calm?

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