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This is Your Halftime Pep Talk: How to Finish Out the Second Half of 2020 with a WIN

July 13, 2020

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This is Your Halftime Pep Talk: How to Finish Out the Second Half of 2020 with a WIN

Huddle up, team. We’re at the halfway point of 2020, and this episode is your halftime pep talk. Whether you feel like you’re going into the second half trailing, or you’re pretty confident you’re ahead, I’m giving you a 5-point game plan to revisit your goals, revamp your strategies, keep your energy up and your momentum strong, so you can close out 2020 with a win!






Halftime pep talks are the boost you need to come from behind when you’re losing, and to keep your momentum going strong when you’re winning.

It’s July – And July 2nd was officially midway point of 2020. But – that doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy a mid-year boost a few weeks after to keep us going strong for the next six-ish months.

I’ll be honest – the last time I had a true halftime pep talk, I was 11 years old, playing 6th grade basketball at Calvin High School – a tiny, K-12 school situated in rural North Louisiana.

I was pretty terrible.

I wanted to be on the team, but I also didn’t really want to touch the ball, or guard people or actually play basketball.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the coach invited me to be the statistician at the beginning of the 7th grade season. You better believe I kept those stats like a boss – except when I got distracted and forgot who had possession of the ball…

So – in today’s halftime pep talk,

Whether you feel like you’re winning or losing so far in 2020 – I’m sharing the 5 things you can do to

  • Revisit your goals

  • revamp your strategies

  • keep your energy up and

  • your momentum strong so you can finish 2020 with a WIN.

You can read my full pep talk below, BUT it really packs a punch when you listen in.

Alright – here we go guys.

We’re smack dab in the middle of month seven of 2020 – a year that has certainly thrown us for a loop.

We’ve dealt with challenges. We’ve dealt with setbacks. We’ve even been quarantined and dealt with cabin fever.

If we worked in an office, we started working from home.

If we worked from home, we started working at home from kids.

Everything’s been different. Everything was turned upside down.

But you know what?

We’re strong.

We’re resilient.

We’re go-getters.

We’re focused, and gosh darn it we can still win 2020. 

It ain’t over til it’s over – so if you feel like you’re losing. If you feel like 2020 has been kicking your tail, it’s time to hold your head high and finish strong. You can still pull out a win this year. You can still make 2020 your best year ever.

You’ve got to remember that magic can happen in a week, a month – and we’ve got more than 150 days left to make some magic happen.

I have faith in you – I have faith in your abilities – and I have faith that you can make some magic happen.

And If you feel like you’re going into halftime ready to lock in a win? Heck yeah! But now is not the time to let up. We can’t start coasting now. We’ve got to keep holding our feet to the fire to make sure that without a doubt we finish strong.

So whether you feel like you’re winning or losing – huddle up team, because here’s the plan. Here’s how we’re gonna get a win.

  1. Revisit Your Vision

First things first – let’s revisit that vision. What did we set out to do when this year started? What were our dreams? What did we want to create for ourselves, our career, our business our family before the clock started counting time?

Revisit that vision. Picture it in your head. Picture yourself there, at the finish line, at the buzzer making it a reality. You’ve got that vision? You can see the win?

Good – let’s move on to step two.

2. Set – or revisit your SMART Goals

How are you going to get to a destination without a roadmap? Sure – you can randomly wander around, and cross your fingers that you somehow make it there – but that’s not how we do things around here, right? We set goals. We set clear, smart goals.

So once you’ve got that vision in your head – I want you to revisit the goals you set for yourself earlier this year. Did you set goals? Did you right them down? You know that writing down your goals makes you 42% more likely to achieve them – so I’ll bet you wrote them down.

Either way – find those goals you made, and run them through the SMART filter. Are they Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound?

— And if you didn’t set goals in 2020 – it’s NEVER too late! The year isn’t over yet, remember?!

So whether you’re starting from scratch, or you’re revisiting your OG goals – ask yourself for each goal

  • Is this specific

  • Is this measurable

  • Is this still attainable based on my timeline

  • Is this still relevant based on my vision

  • If your goal is time bound – do you need to make any adjustments to your time bound milestones in order to make it happen?

Alright! Once you’ve revisited those goals, you’ve run them through the SMART filter and you’ve made any adjustments based on the rest of the year… it’s time for Step Three

3. Write them down.

Write them down. Yes! This should not come as a surprise! I already said that you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down, and we’re going to do everything we can to create that winning edge for ourselves, because we’re winners!

Ok – Winners, once you’ve got those revamped goals written down, we’re moving on to step 4

4. Get some accountability.

Get some accountability.

Yes – we’re talking man to man offense.

Side note – I don’t think that’s an actual sports term, but I already told you I was terrible at basketball so we’re going with it.

When you’ve got accountability, whether it’s an all star accountability buddy, a mentor, a coach or a community – you’re 95% more likely to achieve a goal and win your year when you have regular accountability checkins in someone. Just like with Step 3 – we’re doing everything we can to get the edge so we can crush our goals and win the year – so get some accountability.

5. Decide how you’ll celebrate.

And then Step Number five – Decide how you’re going to celebrate.  Celebrating a win doesn’t have to look like a Gatorade bath at the end of the 4th quarter or a confetti and balloon drop from the rafters, but by gosh – if that’s how you want to celebrate then you go for it!

You might be wondering – is deciding how I celebrate counting my chickens before they hatch? Am I gonna jinx myself?

NO! Deciding how you’ll celebrate enables you to picture the win. Picture yourself at the finish line, or knocking the 3 pointer at the buzzer. Picture yourself reaching whatever amazing goals you’ve set for yourself this year.

And picturing yourself finishing, and celebrating put you in a mindset for success. And that’ what we want here, team, a mindset for success. Give yourself something to look forward to and decide NOW how you’ll celebrate once you crush your goals and WIN 2020.

Now – You might feel like the odds are stacked against you. You might feel like a win is impossible. You might want to walk off the court and just give up, head back to the locker room and hide. But we’re strong, we’re smart, we can do this. And we can do this together.

Let’s recap the game plan.

Alright – let’s recap our strategy because we head out there to make magic happen

  1. Revisit your vision. Picture yourself with the win.

  2. Revisit your goals and run them through the SMART filter – especially attainable, relevant and time bound.

  3. Write them down. Let’s get that 42% edge that comes with writing down our goals.

  4. Get some accountability. Let’s get that 95% edge that come with accountability check-ins.

  5. Decide how you’ll celebrate. Pop champagne! Buy a new car! Go to DisneyWorld – or you know… something else that’s a good fit for you. Your version of celebration is unique to you, and it doesn’t have to fit anyone else’s mold. You celebrate the way that YOU want to celebrate, but most importantly – decide HOW you’re celebrate.

YOU can do this. You CAN do this. You can DO this. I have SO much faith in you, and I am cheering you on. Now – get out there, give it your all, go get em and let’s get a win in 2020.

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Alright – thanks so much for tuning in for this halftime pep talk – I can’t wait for you to get the win in 2020.  Talk to you soon!





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