Designing a Life You Love By Asking For What You Want with Lindsey Andry

May 9, 2020

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Designing a Life You Love By Asking For What You Want with Lindsey Andry

Public Relations pro consistently makes the Top 10 list of most stressful jobs. Busy publicists are known for being on the clock 24/7. Yet, PR Account Exec Lindsey Andry has managed to design a life she loves: serving her clients while staying at home with her son.



As you might know, before I became a time management coach, I spent about a decade in the super stressful, high-stakes world of crisis PR and public affairs. You name it – oil spills, plant explosions, droughts, hurricanes, floods, embezzlement scandals – and I’ve probably escorted someone down a secret freight elevator and into a back alley to avoid reporters and TV trucks waiting outside.

Public Relations pro consistently makes the Top 10 list of most stressful jobs in America, and it’s NO surprise why it makes the cut.


That’s why I was absolutely fascinated by the story of today’s interview guest, Lindsey Andry, a public relations account executive and mom who is living the dream.

Meet Lindsey Andry

In true New Orleanian fashion, Lindsey returned to New Orleans after being raised in Nashville, Tennessee for sixteen years. Lindsey joined the team at DEVENEY a research-driven marketing firm that develops strategic action plans for engagement that are fresh, unique, on-message, and effective at solving modern brands’ toughest challenges. At DEVENEY, she manages healthcare and lifestyle accounts and specializes in media relations, strategic partnerships and special events.

[Quick sidenote/disclaimer: I actually worked at DEVENEY years ago before meeting Lindsey and am very grateful for the personal growth and experience I gained while there.]

Lindsey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in public relations from Loyola University New Orleans.

While she was pregnant with her son Preston, she realized she wanted nothing more than to be home and present with her child. But, she also didn’t want to lose the momentum in her career. About 6-weeks into her maternity leave, she decided she would pose the potential of becoming part-time to her boss – and they agreed. Lindsey gets the best of both worlds – she gets to continue growing in her career, working remotely 90% of the time, while also being home with her son.

Outside of the office, and aside from being a mom, Lindsey enjoys her bi-weekly Zumba classes, as it feeds her passion for the performing arts in a small way. She also volunteers in the community as a member of the Junior League of New Orleans.

In today’s conversation with Lindsey, she shares…

  • Why she was drawn to the adrenaline-packed, demanding world of public relations

  • The exact tools she and her family use to stay organized and on top of life and work

  • What compelled her to pursue a best of both worlds, part-time arrangement instead of walking away from her career

  • How she researched, strategized, planned and prepared to make the big ask to her boss

  • What she did to move past the fear of getting a “No” and her advice to anyone contemplating a move to part-time.


I knew I had to have Lindsey on the podcast to tell her story, simply because I can think of at least 7 friends off the top of my head who are curious about moving to part-time hours at their jobs – but also fear being penalized or losing momentum in their career by talking to their boss about how something like this could work.

I know that this episode is going live as we’re getting notices about summer camp closures, and what work and school will look like in the coming months is still kind of up in the air – so whether you can’t WAIT to get back into the office 5 days a week OR you find yourself interested in a longer term work from home situation, I think you’ll still be inspired by Lindsey’s story of asking for what she wants, and designing a life that she loves.



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