How to Build a Core Values Driven Life and Business with Sarah Joy Hays

March 30, 2020

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How to Build a Core Values Driven Life and Business with Sarah Joy Hays

Business owner. Baker. Side gigger. Single mom. Community leader. Larger than life personality powerhouse. Sarah Joy Hays is all of the above. In this episode, she shares how she made her dream a reality by opening her own bakery, and how she makes dreams come true as a Disney vacation planner.






My Episode 22 interview guest has a pretty sweet day job. She makes dreams come true as her side gig and has a larger than life personality. And she does all of this while being an amazing mom and a community leader.

Sarah Joy Hays is proof of what’s possible. Whenever I consider guests for the podcast, I aim to showcase real women who have fulfilling careers, family life and full plates. Seeing how they do what they do, and getting that peek behind the curtain to find out exactly how they do it is so inspiring to me. We all bring our own personal backstories, histories, strengths and weaknesses to the table, and every guest – Sarah Joy included, presents a buffet of ideas and tools for us to pick from and apply to our own life.

Meet Sarah Joy Hays

Sarah Joy spent years in Washington, D.C. making a difference through nonprofit consulting and strategy. After moving back to Baton Rouge, Sarah Joy, a Louisiana native and an LSU Grad launched business called, Counterspace in 2017, baking at home and selling in local markets. Now operating from her own perfectly pink storefront, she’s living the dream – making scrumptious confections, offering cooking workshops and bringing the community together, one cookie at a time.

When she’s not leading her team at the bakery, Sarah Joy makes dreams come true as a Disney Parks trip planner. She and her 5-year-old son Henry have met Mickey and friends more times than she can count, and it brings her such joy to share that with others – especially families of young children.

In her interview Sarah Joy shares:

  • what inspired her to cook up CounterspaceBR, a bakery and community gathering space, after a successful career in nonprofit consulting

  • How her core values drive every aspect of her business decisions

  • What it really looks like to manage multiple business projects as a single mom

  • The exact tools she uses to manage her life and businesses

  • How she finds time for herself despite a jam-packed and very fulfilling schedule

Core Values

In last week’s episode, Episode 21, I talked all about your Core Values, and how they really are your north star in helping you decide the next right thing in any given moment. If you liked that episode you’re going to love hearing about Sarah Joy’s core values in action and how she relies on them to navigate new experiences and challenges as a business owner. If you haven’t listened to Episode 21 yet, make sure you queue it up next. 





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