A Fresh Look at Fitness and an Unexpected Career Journey with Emily Schneller

March 16, 2020

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A Fresh Look at Fitness and an Unexpected Career Journey with Emily Schneller

Sometimes your career takes you on a journey you never expected. That’s a journey that Emily Schneller knows well. Emily shares her path from studying opera and working in finance, to owning a gym and leading a team of nutrition coaches.






I had a lot of fun connecting with the guest of today’s episode, Emily Schneller – owner of Roux Fitness in the New Orleans area. Emily and I met back in college, and as you’ll soon learn – neither of us would have predicted how she’s making her impact in the world all these years later.

This episode is a great one for someone who’s currently in a role that they’re not in love with – because Emily shares how she navigated and eventually left a completely unfulfilling job. But – whether you run your own business or work along aside a others to make things happen, you’re going to love what Emily has to say about the importance of cultivating a strong team.

About Emily Schneller

Emily admits that her resume looks a bit all over the place at first glance. With a degree in opera singing and an early career in finance, she now feels like she’s found her place in the world by helping others live a healthier life.

Personally, Emily is a wife to her college sweetheart, mom of two and an avid podcast listener. Professionally, Emily works as a gym owner, nutrition coach, and podcast host. She believes “wellness” combines three pillars: fitness, nutrition, and recovery, and she is proud to offer clients access to all three. She is the co-owner of Roux Fitness in Jefferson, LA offering classes including CrossFit and boxing. Roux also has an on-site massage therapist. Additionally, Emily leads a team of nutrition coaches at Stacked Coaching.

Stacked Coaching provides clients with a different approach to dieting. The coaching methodology is all about helping clients change the habits in their lives that are leading to undesired behaviors. She and her team give clients the tools to build awareness, and slowly (but sustainably) shift their habits to be more inline with their goals related to better health and improved body composition.

In this conversation, Emily shares:

  • The interesting path she’s taken to her current career

  • What it’s like to be business partners with her husband

  • The exact tools she uses to keep everything running smoothly

  • Her #1 recommendation for making fitness and nutrition a habit.






BlissbyRachel– Girl – I am so glad you’ve got that bounce back in your step and thrilled to hear that you’re putting some of what I’ve shared into motion. It’s so awesome to hear that even though you’re all about planning, goal setting and living based on your priorities that you can find ways to level up by listening in. Blissbyrachel – thank you so much for taking time to write such a kind and thoughtful review.  I am so thankful for you!


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  • Acuity – Emily’s go-to scheduling tool for her nutrition clients Google Calendar – How she keeps track of all of her business and family appointments.

  • Wunderlist – Which unfortunately is going away in mid-May. SAD.

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