You CAN Lead: Discovering Your Strengths with Amy Landry

January 20, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes

You CAN Lead: Discovering Your Strengths with Amy Landry

If you’ve ever questioned your potential, women’s leadership expert Amy Landry is here to tell you that yes, you CAN lead. Whether you’re running a business, guiding a team or leading your family at home, Amy reveals her top tips for discovering your strengths.



In today’s conversation with women’s leadership expert Amy Landry, we cover everything from cultivating leadership skills in your personal and professional life, to the importance and power that lies in knowing your strengths, to the tough transition that new moms make when they return to work.

If you’re someone who is at all interested in taking on leadership roles – what Amy has to say is going to be right up your alley. And one thing I’ll add – if you are a mom, you’ll probably relate to our conversation about the shock of returning to work after having a baby. If you’re not a mom – maybe you want to have children someday, or you have friends or colleagues with kids – you’ll learn a little more about what that transition is like, and how you can show compassion and be supportive to women during one of the most challenging stages of life.

I hope this episode inspires you to take action in some way, whether it’s uncovering your strengths, growing as a leader or supporting higher standards of parental support in the workplace.


Amy Landry is CEO of Landry Corporate Training, LLC. She’s a certified Human Resources professional through the Society of Human Resources and a certified practitioner for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, you might have heard me mention this before as the MBTI.  Amy and I actually met a few years ago at the same MBTI certification weekend, and just kept running into each other!

Amy is also founder of Diapers to Desk, whose mission is to improve maternity reintegration for new moms and help companies with retention of working parents. Diapers to desk has grown into a successful company with clients nationwide including Shell Oil & Gas and the Pentagon.

Amy designed and now leads the Loyola University Women’s Leadership Academy and serves several organizations in leadership roles, including the American Business Women’s Association, New Orleans Business Alliance, New Orleans Society of Human Resources Management, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, and the Junior League of New Orleans.

And she definitely gets recognized for all of her contributions to the professional community. The New Orleans ABWA awarded Amy Woman of the Year in 2019, and she was named to the New Orleans City Business, Woman of the Year, Class of 2018 and is a 2018 Greater New Orleans Inc. Millennial Award Winner in Business.

In this episode, Amy shares

  • her secret to getting things done

  • the one word that helps her keep healthy boundaries and stay focused on what matters

  • why it’s super important to know your strengths as a method for managing your time

  • how you can support friends and colleagues as they transition back to work after maternity leave




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