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How to Start: 6 Steps to Starting Something New with Success

December 2, 2019

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1. How to Start – 6 Steps to Starting Something New with Success

In the first ever episode of It’s About Time, I’m taking it from the top and starting at the beginning. Turns out, HOW you start something new is the secret to success. You’ll learn 6 steps for starting with success, and I’ll share what it’s been like to start this time management podcast, including mistakes made along the way.



In celebration of kicking off what I hope will someday be hundreds of episodes, Episode 001 is all about new beginnings and how to start with success. In this episode, you’ll learn the exact steps to take to ensure a strong start. I even created a bonus guide with all six steps – Click here to download it now! Plus, how to keep going through the hard times and eventually reach your goals. I even share a little bit about what it was like to launch this podcast.

Starting Can Be Scary

I think we can all agree that doing anything for the first time, and starting a new thing can be scary. Whether it’s the first day at a new job, a new diet, a new relationship – new can be awesome and also totally fear inducing at the same time.  So I thought it would make a lot of sense to kick off a podcast about time management by talking about fresh starts and new beginnings.

When this episode goes live, it will be the first week of December. We’ve survived Thanksgiving and we’re starting to get knee deep in holiday parties, Christmas shopping and barreling toward the end of the year. The hustle and bustle and – let’s be honest – STRESS – of the holiday season is enough for an entire episode or two on it’s own. But I’ll save that tangled ball of lights for another day.

What’s on the horizon after Christmas? The new year. And not just a new year – a whole brand spankin’ new decade.

And I’m going to bet that you’re already starting to think about what kind of new beginnings you’ll create in the new year. The goals you’ll set, the plans you’ll make and new habits you’ll create. And the secret to success is all in how you start.

Maybe this is your year to start that business you’ve been dreaming of, filling notebooks with scribbles and ideas. Or you’re determined to get that promotion and that raise you’ve had your eye on. Perhaps this is your year to lose that last 10 pounds or you’ve got a half-marathon you want to cross off your list. Or maybe you just want to start a new morning routine so you can start your days feeling calm and prepared.

Regardless of WHAT it is you want to start, HOW you start can have a whole lot to do with your success. 


Tune in to learn these 6 strategies for starting with success:

  1. Start with Why.

  2. Start with the End in Mind

  3. Start with a Plan

  4. Start with a buddy.

  5. Start with Meaning

  6. Start Before You’re Ready

So yes – you will be afraid, and maybe you’ll question yourself, and you’ll have moments that you’ll want to quit or give up. but push through.  It will be so worth it. Trust me on this.

To get you started with taking your first step, I invite you to join the It’s About Time Podcast Community and tell us what you’re going to start so we can cheer each other on. You might even find an accountability buddy to help you get to the finish line.


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ReformedBusyBee, thank you SO much, it seriously means that world that you’d take time to cheer me on as I’m getting started.


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