Know Your Worth, Take Action and Live Authentically with Professional Speaker, Lauren Felter

April 27, 2020

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Know Your Worth, Take Action & Live Authentically with Professional Speaker, Lauren Felter

Lauren Felter wants to live a life of no regrets, and she hopes the same for you, too. In today’s interview, I talk with Felter, a professional speaker, author and entrepreneur, about her plans to spend a year traveling the country, what propelled her to take action and walk away from her past career success, and how knowing her worth changed everything for her.  Trigger Warning: Felter briefly shares her experience as a sexual assault survivor at 38:39.






Episode 26 was recorded a few months ago when we were allowed to move freely about the country. My guest, Lauren Felter – a professional speaker and entrepreneur – had just sold her home and was gearing up for an entire year of adventure and cross country travel. But then the coronavirus had other plans.

What Felter shared during her pre-coronavirus quarantine interview is too good to not share with you guys, and I think it’s just as valuable for you to hear how she’s pivoted as a result of the stay at home measures and what it was like for her plans to be turned completely upside down. Stick around until the end of her interview where I’ve included a quick update straight from Felter herself.

Meet Lauren Felter

Known by her last name since middle school, Felter is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and one-day published author. She recently gave up her job as a technology and legal services consultant to pursue her passions full-time.

Through her brand, Felter Unfiltered, she shares authentically with young women about finding joy, knowing your worth, seeking growth, challenging convention, healing from shame, and rejecting perfection. She also works with professionals to understand sexual assault and supports parents in having shame-free sex talk with their children.




In today’s conversation Felter shares:

  • How she planned for an entire year of travel

  • What inspired her to walk away from a successful career and start over as a professional speaker

  • How she uses theme days to create structure in her life as an entrepreneur, part time employee and speaker

  • The surprising creative benefits to vegging out in front of Keeping Up with the Kardashians

  • As well as the importance of knowing your worth, regardless of your industry or job title.

Sure – when this episode goes live, we might be staying at home, but Felter’s perspective is too good to not share with y’all right now. You never know what kind of takeaway you’ll hear that is exactly what you need right now. Timing is such a funny thing, isn’t it?





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