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Reading Time: 17 minutes

How we spend our first few hours sets the tone for the rest of them, so it seems like nailing this whole morning routine thing should be a top priority. But what if we go beyond the bare minimum and take our mornings to the next level? A Next Level morning routine can help you get promoted at work, lose weight, get smarter and be happier. That’s why this episode is dedicated to showing you why and how to take your mornings to the Next Level.

Win the Morning, Win the Day. How to Design Your Next Level Morning Routine

time management

Reading Time: 3 minutes

For about half of you, the word “routine” is probably music to your ears. You LOVE the comfort and predictability of a good routine, workflow or system. For others, you’re probably thinking, “Routine? BORING!” If you’re like me, you like a little bit of both. Good routines can make life easier, but not all routines are created equally. Here are the 5 you need in your life ASAP and how to design them so they’ll finally stick.

The 5 Must-Have Routines You Need In Your Life Right Now

time management

Reading Time: 7 minutes

This is going to be rich coming from me. I used to be late ALL the time. My running late became a running joke among my friends, except it wasn’t funny…

The 7 Types of Late People: How to Stop Being Late and Start Getting Places On Time

time management