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Reading Time: 8 minutes There are a ton of outside voices telling you what your work/life balance should look like, from your family and friends to your boss to social media. So how do you quiet the noise and define a version of balance that actually works for you and your unique life? Tune in to learn the signs that you’re living someone else’s version of balance, plus hear how to build a work-life balance that genuinely suits you using simple and straightforward steps.

Defining Balance on Your Terms: 5 Methods to Own Your Time and Energy

time management

Reading Time: 15 minutes If you’ve ever tried to follow a 50/50 work/life balance – one where you split your time evenly between work and personal life – then you know life just doesn’t work like that. What does work? An adaptable, ever-changing approach to balance that fits your current life’s demands (and protects your well-being!). I’m sharing how to do just that through small, consistent changes that will result in BIG improvements in how you feel about your time.

Are You Making This Work/Life Balance Mistake? Hint: It’s Not 50/50

time management

Reading Time: 3 minutes Learn how to use your personality for better time management with Anna Dearmon Kornick on The Fit Mess Podcast

The Fit Mess Podcast Interview | How to Take Control of Your Time and Create Real Work-Life Balance That Works


Reading Time: 4 minutes Balance — buzzword or possibility?

The truth is, we all want more balance in our lives. We all want to do more of the things that we love and less of the things we don’t. But have you ever thought about why “balance” is so hard to obtain?

In this episode of the It’s About Time Podcast, I’m going to unpack why we ALL struggle to find the right balance for our lives — and I’ll expose the NUMBER ONE thing holding us back from actually achieving it.

The Biggest Obstacle to Finding Balance

time management

Reading Time: 13 minutes Living in a world of 24/7 access with notifications, emails and messages coming our way at all hours of the day, it can be so hard to turn off work and actually be present during our downtime. Either we’re responding to messages, getting distracted by emails or we’re worrying about what’s left and what we’ve got to do tomorrow. That ends today. Tune in for three ways to successfully shut off work and be more present when you’re off the clock.

Better Boundaries and Being Present: How to Set Boundaries and Be More Present During Your Downtime