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Reading Time: 2 minutes

When many of us migrated from office buildings to our kitchen tables, spare bedrooms, and home offices in 2020, Alexandra Samuel got to work pouring her decades of remote-work expertise and productivity tips into the ultimate guidebook for remote work. Find out what it means to work like a “business of one,” how to navigate micromanaging bosses and more from the author of Remote Inc.: How to Thrive at Work…Wherever You Are.

How to Thrive at Work… Wherever You Are featuring Alexandra Samuel


Reading Time: 17 minutes

Whether you’re Sheltering in Place or Staying Home, life is very different now compared to just a few weeks ago. We’re adjusting, and we’re figuring out how to make this work. I’ve collected the 7 most frequently asked questions about work, life and balance from friends, family, clients, and more and I’m sharing my perspective as a Time Management Coach. a From decision fatigue to boredom, how to stay motivated and deal with blurry boundaries – there’s something in this episode for you.

Ask Anna Vol. 1: Work, Life & Balance While Staying at Home

time management

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you’re new to the world of remote work, this episode is for you. Christa Hutchins has decades of experience working remotely while leading global teams across multiple continents. In this episode of It’s About time, she shares her best, time-tested advice for creating the best environment, staying focused and being productive while working from home.

BONUS: Remote Work 101: How to Work from Home, Deal with Your Boss, Lead Your Team and Actually Get Things Done with Christa Hutchins

time management

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