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Reading Time: 10 minutes Do you struggle with time management? You’re not alone – and today, we’ll unpack three time management roadblocks and how to overcome them!

What’s Your Problem? 3 Tricky Time Management Roadblocks That Might Be Holding You Back

time management

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Mapping out how you’ll spend an entire year can feel kind of daunting, especially on the heels of the crazy year that we’ve just experienced. Say BYE to 2020 and walk into 2021 with intention. In this episode, I’m sharing the exact steps I take each year to plan with purpose and set myself up for success in the year ahead. Whether you’re feeling unsure, overwhelmed, excited or maybe even a combination of all three, tune in and snag the free printable Plan with Purpose Checklist.

Plan With Purpose: How to Plan Your Year with Intention Even in Times of Uncertainty

time management

Reading Time: 10 minutes

The thing about Imposter Syndrome is that it can strike at any time, and almost all of us have felt it at some point. Imposter Syndrome can impact how we show up in our personal and professional lives, turning our work/life balance upside down. In this episode, I’m sharing a mortifying personal experience with Imposter Syndrome. Then, I’ll dive into the 5 different types of Imposter Syndrome, plus five ways to manage Imposter Syndrome when you feel it creeping in.

The Thing About Imposter Syndrome: 5 Ways to Deal with Feeling Like a Fraud

time management

Reading Time: 16 minutes

Can I become a morning person, even if I’m a night owl? How can I create a morning routine that helps me start my day off right? Will I ever be able to wake up early? How to I make my mornings even better? These are all questions I’ve been asked in the last few months, and I’m tackling all of them inside this episode of It’s About Time. Tune in to find out if it’s even possible to become a morning person, and walk away with simple steps to make your mornings better than ever.

Rise and Shine: How to Become a Better Morning Person (Even if You HATE Mornings)

time management

Reading Time: 13 minutes

How do I manage my time when my time is not my own? There’s no doubt that we have a lot on our plates. From taking care of family and nurturing relationships, to climbing the career ladder or running a business – sometimes it can feel like we’re stuck on a hamster wheel trying to keep up. If you know that feeling, this episode is just for you. Tune in for 5 steps to take control of your time and design a life that’s fulfilling and productive. You’ve got this. It’s time to own it.

Own It: Time Management When Your Time is Not Your Own

time management

Reading Time: 22 minutes

You sure can learn a lot from recording 50 episodes of a podcast. That’s why I’m sharing the 5 Life Lessons I’ve learned about Time Management, Productivity and Work/Life Balance along the way. From battling imposter syndrome to perfectionism, I even open up about a part of my personality that I struggle with. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last 50 episodes, when it comes to challenges, we’re usually not alone. Tune in to hear what I’ve learned, and what’s up next for It’s About Time.

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned about Time Management, Productivity and Work/Life Balance from Recording 50 Episodes of It’s About Time


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