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Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen in on the Beyond the To-Do List Podcast to Anna Dearmon Kornick for tips on mastering time management essentials.

The Beyond the To-Do List Podcast Interview | Mastering Time Management Essentials


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Policy and Advocacy Manager Corinn O’Brien has found her secret to living happier, feeling more successful, and being more efficient at work than ever before. It all started by unlocking her Genius Zone work – where passion meets proficiency. After taking a hard look at how she was spending her time, Corinn created opportunities for others, increased her impact and is living proof that, yes, you CAN design a life you love and do good work that fires you up.

Passion + Proficiency = True Productivity: How Working in Your Genius Zone Can Change Everything featuring Corinn O’Brien


Reading Time: 13 minutes

How do I manage my time when my time is not my own? There’s no doubt that we have a lot on our plates. From taking care of family and nurturing relationships, to climbing the career ladder or running a business – sometimes it can feel like we’re stuck on a hamster wheel trying to keep up. If you know that feeling, this episode is just for you. Tune in for 5 steps to take control of your time and design a life that’s fulfilling and productive. You’ve got this. It’s time to own it.

Own It: Time Management When Your Time is Not Your Own

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