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Reading Time: 4 minutes Balance — buzzword or possibility?

The truth is, we all want more balance in our lives. We all want to do more of the things that we love and less of the things we don’t. But have you ever thought about why “balance” is so hard to obtain?

In this episode of the It’s About Time Podcast, I’m going to unpack why we ALL struggle to find the right balance for our lives — and I’ll expose the NUMBER ONE thing holding us back from actually achieving it.

The Biggest Obstacle to Finding Balance

time management

Reading Time: 6 minutes Feeling stuck or unmotivated with your time management goals? Frustrated by a lack of progress? Confused on what to do next?

Sometimes, it helps to step outside ourselves and get some “fresh eyes” on our time management woes!

You probably know that accountability is great for things like exercising or reading more — but did you know that it’s beneficial for time management too?

Why Better Time Management is Not a Solo Endeavor

time management

Reading Time: 20 minutes

This episode is all about getting YOU where you want to go, that’s why I’ve compiled SIX different ways (plus pros & cons of each) to make sure you have the number one, most important ingredient required in order to achieve whatever dream, goal, project or plan is on your mind. That secret sauce? It’s Accountability, and you definitely need some.

The #1 Ingredient You Need for Success in Life, Work and Wellness + 6 Ways to Get It

time management