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Reading Time: 10 minutes Do you struggle with time management? You’re not alone – and today, we’ll unpack three time management roadblocks and how to overcome them!

What’s Your Problem? 3 Tricky Time Management Roadblocks That Might Be Holding You Back

time management

Reading Time: 10 minutes Is it time to revamp your morning routine? The 90/90/1 routine might be a great fit… or it might not be. In this episode, you’ll learn how to use this buzzworthy morning routine to make huge progress towards your goals – even if you have an unpredictable schedule.

The 90/90/1 Morning Routine: Your Secret to Success in 2024?


Reading Time: 9 minutes In Episode 207 of It’s About Time, you’ll find my top tips for conquering overwhelm in 2024, how to chase your big dreams, and use the One Word Challenge to set the tone for your next 12 months.

The One Word Challenge: How to Overcome Overwhelm in 2024



Reading Time: 11 minutes Seven reasons to skip big picture planning, and why, they aren’t as foolproof as they might seem. While going with your gut definitely has its place, integrating your intuition with structured planning can significantly enhance both your professional and personal life. Click play to learn all about why you should skip big picture planning!

Go With Your Gut: 7 Reasons Why You Should Skip 2024 Big Picture Planning


Reading Time: 8 minutes It’s About Time we have annual planning that’s NOT overwhelming, but empowering. Picture this: 2024 filled with achieved goals, balanced choices, and milestones that truly matter. Ready to make your year count? Click play to learn all about annual planning! Let’s turn overwhelm into productivity!

Think Big Picture: How to Plan a Year with Heart, Purpose and Intention

annual planning


Reading Time: 7 minutes Ever found yourself on the verge of burnout – acing life on one front but feeling the whirlwind behind the scenes? In this episode of It’s About Time, we’ll tackle the chaos head-on! Picture a roadmap to not just survive but THRIVE despite the overwhelm. Learn the secrets to create clarity, focus, and balance, even in life’s busiest moments. We cover three actionable steps to design the future you’ve been dreaming of. Ready to redefine your balance? Hit play and let’s get started!

Ready. Set. GOALS! How to Dream Big Without Losing Your Balance


Reading Time: 11 minutes There is a fine line between contentment and complacency!
Ever felt that sweet sense of contentment and wondered, “What’s next?” 🤔 Let’s explore the tricky balance between contentment and complacency! Discover why goal-setting is your secret weapon for growth, even when life feels pretty darn good.

Beyond Contentment: How to Write the Next Chapter of Your Personal Success Story



Reading Time: 14 minutes What’s holding you back from making 2024 your most intentional year ever? If you’re like most people, that list might include fearing failure, not being quite sure what you want, and feeling downright overwhelmed with life right now. I totally get it. That’s why this episode is dedicated to conquering those exact obstacles and giving you actionable tips to move forward with confidence, clarity and intention. Hit play now and let’s make those 2024 dreams a reality!

3 Things that Might Be Holding You Back from Your Best Year Ever

holding you back


Reading Time: 11 minutes In this episode, we’re getting down to the core of what it *really* takes to make things happen, and what’s standing in your way. From self-doubt to imposter syndrome, we’re unpacking it all.

Believe to Achieve: Why You ARE Good Enough to Achieve Your Goals


Reading Time: 11 minutes If you’ve ever felt stuck or unsure of how to stay motivated, you aren’t alone! How to stay motivated and get unstuck are the questions I get asked most frequently! Tune in to this episode to learn strategies for how to manage these hard topics.

Ask Anna Vol. 2: Get Unstuck, Stay Motivated and Think Big Picture

stay motivated


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