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Reading Time: 11 minutes

Welcome to my bookshelf! In this episode, I’m sharing my favorite, must-read books on time management, productivity and work/life balance that I reach for again and again. From starting new habits that stick, to test-driving tons of productivity strategies, to making the most of your 168 hours – any of the books on this list will shift your perspective on productivity, change your thoughts on time and possibly even change your life. Without a doubt, each of these reads were life-changing for me in some way, and I’m so excited to share them with you! Happy reading!

Read Your Way to More Time: My Top 5 Books for Better Time Management, Productivity and Work/Life Balance


Reading Time: 3 minutes

What even is productivity? Somewhere along the way, being productive evolved into doing as many things as possible, as quickly as possible. Cue the overwhelm and neverending to-do lists. Business Coach & Finance Teacher Katie Wussow knows that true productivity comes from doing the RIGHT things. But how do we know if we’re on the right track or if we’re just spinning our wheels? What ARE the right things? Tune in to hear Katie’s approach to productivity using priorities and personal goals as your guide.

Productivity, Priorities and Personal Goals: How to Go Beyond Your To-Do List and Get More of the Right Things Done with Katie Wussow