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Reading Time: 8 minutes When I found out just how much ACCOUNTABILITY impacts our drive to make things happen, I was blown away. If you’re planning to make big (or even small or medium-sized) things happen in your life, accountability has simply GOT to be a part of the plan. Tune in to find out how you can create accountability for your goals with a partner, an investment or a combination of both. Then, grab your seat for Ready. Set. Goals! my LIVE goal-setting workshop happening December 28th!

The Buddy System: 3 Ways to Fool-Proof Your Goals and Make Big Things Happen


Reading Time: 11 minutes When you really want to make something happen in your life, I’m sorry to say, but a New Year’s Resolution is NOT the way to go. Find out what you should do instead, including setting SMART goals, and building habits that stick. Plus, I’ll reveal why getting an accountability partner is pretty much the most important thing you should do when you want to make your dreams come true. Join me for my goal setting workshop!

Get SMART: Why Goals and Good Habits Beat New Year’s Resolutions Every Time


Reading Time: 12 minutes Typically when we think of setting goals, we think about the future. It’s super exciting to think about all the things we could do in the year ahead. However, the best way to plan your best year ever starts by looking to the past. Find out the three questions you should ask yourself to plan your year with purpose, plus tips for getting out of a goal-setting funk if you’re just not feeling it this year. Register for Ready. Set. Goals! My goal-setting workshop for go-getters who want to get things done.

Look Back: Why Planning Your Best Year Ever Starts in the Past

time management

Reading Time: 7 minutes They say hindsight is 2020, but honestly I’ll be ready when 2021 is in the rearview. 2021 was a HARD one for me. Fortunately, I recognize my biggest mistake. I didn’t set clear, actionable goals. Shocking, I know. Find out why I didn’t set goals, what happened, and what I’m doing differently to prepare for 2022. Yes, I’m spilling the beans on what it was like to have a year without goals, and why I’ll NEVER ever skip goal setting for the new year ever again.

Live & Learn: My Biggest Mistake of 2021 and Why I Won’t Skip Goal Setting Ever Again


Reading Time: 14 minutes

Anytime is a good time for a fresh start, but the beginning of the year has many of us thinking about new, good habits we’d like to add to our work and personal lives. From meal planning and exercise, to waking up earlier and less screen time, habits are the building blocks of our lives. Tune in for three simple ways to take your good habits from aspirational ideas to everyday action. Turns out, putting yourself on autopilot can be a great thing for work, life and balance!

A Good Kind of Autopilot: 3 Ways to Make New Habits a Part of Your Everyday


Reading Time: 11 minutes

As we’re coming up on the end of 2020, we’ve got 2021 on the brain – and that means New Year’s Resolutions. But did you know that most resolutions barely make it past the two week mark? In this episode, I’m uncovering the 5 common mistakes we make when setting resolutions and tackling each one so you can do things differently and make your resolutions stick. We’ll get specific, make a plan and you’ll walk away with the #1 secret to ensuring your success in the new year. Cheers to YOU and your success!

Don’t Make these 5 Common New Year’s Resolution Mistakes


Reading Time: 11 minutes

We aren’t iPhones with charging cables, but we need to recharge just the same. Tune in to find out if you’re being intentional about planning for rest, recreation and relationships. Need more recharge in your life? I’m sharing exactly how you can Look Ahead each week and make sure you’re replenishing physically, mentally and emotionally so you can be your best self for yourself and for your loved ones.

Are You Planning For Recharge? Here’s How to Look Ahead


Reading Time: 8 minutes

Mapping out how you’ll spend an entire year can feel kind of daunting, especially on the heels of the crazy year that we’ve just experienced. Say BYE to 2020 and walk into 2021 with intention. In this episode, I’m sharing the exact steps I take each year to plan with purpose and set myself up for success in the year ahead. Whether you’re feeling unsure, overwhelmed, excited or maybe even a combination of all three, tune in and snag the free printable Plan with Purpose Checklist.

Plan With Purpose: How to Plan Your Year with Intention Even in Times of Uncertainty

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