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Reading Time: 11 minutes

Welcome to my bookshelf! In this episode, I’m sharing my favorite, must-read books on time management, productivity and work/life balance that I reach for again and again. From starting new habits that stick, to test-driving tons of productivity strategies, to making the most of your 168 hours – any of the books on this list will shift your perspective on productivity, change your thoughts on time and possibly even change your life. Without a doubt, each of these reads were life-changing for me in some way, and I’m so excited to share them with you! Happy reading!

Read Your Way to More Time: My Top 5 Books for Better Time Management, Productivity and Work/Life Balance


Reading Time: 5 minutes

If we’re Instagram pals, you know I’m a fan of sharing 15-second book recs by way of Instagram stories from time to time.

You’d probably never guess that just a few years ago – in 2015 – I only read ONE book the entire year.

7 Books That Changed My Life – And Might Change Yours, Too

books & tools

Reading Time: 4 minutes

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Scratch that. You’ve got a heaping amount on your plate and there’s a little bit of gravy that’s about to drip off the edge because it’s so darn full.

How to Add More Hours to Your Day with These 3 Magic Words

time management