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Time management is an essential skill that every professional needs, no matter the industry.

With ever-evolving flexible workplaces, so many collaboration apps to manage, and more, the tools and strategies needed to manage your time effectively have changed. 

Whether you're just starting out or looking to update your understanding of best practices, you'll find what you need to know in this book.

Must-know concepts and smart strategies for values-based time management―from McGraw Hill's new Business Essentials Series

In this engaging and reassuring book, Anna shares practical strategies that can help you get more done and enjoy your life at the same time."

Time management doesn't have to be hard!


Bestselling author of Tranquility by Tuesday and 168 Hours

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A FREE downloadable Action Guide to accompany you as you read and work through the principles I teach inside.


Time Management Essentials

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Access to a live Q&A style time management group coaching session to ask me any questions about time management or the book!

A printable Ideal Week Planning Sheet so you can bring your values-driven vision to life.

Anna's One Step Closer: How to Make Time Management Work for You Masterclass

In Time Management Essentials, Anna Dearmon Kornick does a magnificent job of cutting through all of the time management advice out there to find what actually works. Filled to the brim with practical, tactical advice, this is the book to pick up if you want to get better at managing your time—and find more energy and focus in the process. This book is well worth your time.

This book is well worth your time.

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Ideal Week Planning Sheet to help you design your values-driven week

Anna's One Step Closer: How to Make Time Management Work for You Masterclass - Get replay access to Anna's full 1-hour "One Step Closer" workshop on how to identify the next step to living with purpose.

Time Management Essentials: The Tools You Need to Maximize Your Attention, Energy, and Productivity is a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute approach to time management to help you stop feeling overwhelmed―and spend more time on the things that matter most.

Good time management skills have always been an important factor in professional success, but between ever-evolving collaboration apps and the more recent pandemic-related workplace shifts, the tools and even the principles behind them have changed. 

In Time Management Essentials, I offer comprehensive, up-to-date information you need to manage your time with a values-based approach. I wrote this book to help folks stop feeling overwhelmed so they can spend time on what matters most.

Think of this book like a step-by-step roadmap to taking charge of your time.

Want a peek inside

Time Management Essentials?

Want a peek inside Time Management Essentials?

Task batching, time blocking, and productivity pitfalls — oh my! It’s time to learn what it takes to have a time management foundation led by values. 

Part 1

The essentials

Get practical advice on understanding values, creating ideal work weeks, and establishing effective planning sessions.


Part II

Figure out how all of this can fit into YOUR life. Learn what you need to continue on with energy, focus, and clarity, no matter what’s on your plate.  

beyond the essentials

Part III

 Time Management Essentials is not about squeezing more work into the same number of hours – it's a step-by-step guide that helps you stop spending your time on non-essential busywork and start filling those hours with what matters to you most.”

I love this book!

“Time Management Essentials is the modern time management playbook for spending time on what matters most. Anna distills values-based time management strategies into a comprehensive, easy to follow, and fun to read guide. This is a must-read for busy professionals who want to take charge of their time without wasting time in the process.”

A must-read...

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Hi friend! I’m Anna — your Time Management Coach — ready and reporting for action!

Once upon a time, I managed the super hectic schedules of the most in-demand elected officials in the country. Congressmen, Cabinet Secretaries, and Candidates to name a few.

Add in a decade of experience in the 24/7 world of crisis communications, and you could say that I'm an expert at creating order out of chaos. 

Now, I bring the best of my time management and productivity know-how to ambitious professionals and business owners like YOU so you can break free from the overwhelm and wake up every day feeling calm, prepared, and ready for anything!

Anna Dearmon Kornick

Meet the Author

“What I love about this book, and about Anna herself, is that it skips past all the nonsense—cheap tricks, tips, hacks, "must-do" lists—and addresses the real substance of time management: what's our purpose and how to construct our lives to fulfill that purpose. If you've been searching for substance, I could not recommend this book highly enough.”

I could not recommend this book highly enough.

“This book hit me at exactly the right moment. As someone who spends so much time thinking about time, it was surprising and invigorating to learn that I had been winging it on so many things that deserved more attention. Anna gave me exactly what I needed to take my time management to the next level.

Not only that–she had the courage to put vision and values first. She thoroughly covers not only the ‘how,’ but also the ‘why’ behind time management in a beautiful blend of life-improving advice and inspiration. If you care about making the most out of your time, you owe it to yourself to read this book.”

You owe it to yourself to read this book.

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